Asian Bakery: Find Your New Favorite on Airmart

Support AAPI-owned businesses every month when you shop on Airmart, the top e-commerce platform for food vendors. Here you will find an Asian bakery for every sweet tooth.

Discover a whole world of Asian desserts from Taiwanese, Filipino, Malaysian, Japanese, and Chinese-inspired bakeries on this app.

Popular Asian bakery desserts

Every Asian bakery on Airmart has unique offerings inspired by the fruits, vegetables, plants, and flavors of the continent. Here are some of the most popular Asian desserts on Airmart.


asian bakery la mochi

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is sometimes eaten frozen. While mochi is a delightful dessert on its own, you’ll also find it in the form of mochi donuts, mochi egg tarts, mochi brownies, and mochi muffins.

Leche flan

Leche flan is the Filipino variation of Mexican flan. It’s a steamed custard dessert that is made with egg yolks, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk sugar, and vanilla extract and then topped with caramel.

Ube everything

ube cheesecake

Ube, the purple yam of the Phillippines, is the star ingredient at many of the Asian bakeries on Airmart. Here you will find ube donuts, ube pie, ube cookies, ube cheesecake, ube mochi, ube flan, and more.


Pandan is a fragrant tropical plant that adds flavor and a bright green hue to drinks, donuts, cakes, cookies, and more. You’ll find pandan-flavored sweets and beverages in Asian bakeries across Airmart.

Egg tarts

egg tart asian bakery

Egg tarts are custards set in mini pastry crusts. This Chinese dessert is actually a cross between the English custard tart and the Portuguese pastel de nata.


Ensaymada is a Filipino brioche, a sweet buttery bread sometimes served with sweet cream and cheese on top.

Buko pie

buko pie asian bakery

This coconut pie is a Filipino classic. Sweet Pipers on Airmart is the first Asian bakery to make an ube-flavored buko pie in California.

Cassava cake

Cassava cake, made with the cassava root, is a moist Filipino cake featuring coconut milk, condensed milk, and a custard layer on top.


pandesal filipino bakery

Pandesal is a soft, airy Filipino breakfast bread roll often paired with fillings like jam and cheese.

Chiffon cake

Chiffon cake or Chinese sponge cake is super soft, fluffy, and lightly sweet. When you order a birthday cake at an Asian bakery, it will usually be a chiffon cake.

Japanese cheesecake

Japan’s take on cheesecake is a light and airy, souffle-style cake that is less sweet than traditional cheesecake. You’ll sometimes see them labeled as ‘rare’ cheesecakes at an Asian bakery.

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