Mochi Los Angeles: Mochee LA on Airmart

Mochee LA (mochi Los Angeles) is one of the many food businesses born during the pandemic. While stuck at home ‘in limbo’ in 2020, the owner Priscilla recalled making mochi with her mom, who suggested that she sell them. With her husband out of work and nothing but time on her hands, starting a bakery from home was a no-brainer. After all, Priscilla and her mom knew they had a winning mochi recipe.

At first, Priscilla baked and sold the unique Filipino mochi treats to her family. After receiving loads of encouraging feedback, Priscilla introduced Mochee LA to her local community in San Gabriel Valley.

mochi los angeles
Assorted mochi egg tarts

Selling mochi in Los Angeles

When starting out, Priscilla set up shop on Wix, but quickly became frustrated. She had to do everything manually, including sending each order confirmation herself. As an online store platform, Wix just wasn’t worth the cost. Now, Priscilla only keeps her Wix account active to maintain the original Mochee LA website.

Mochi Los Angeles on Airmart

Priscilla discovered Airmart in the SGV (San Gabriel Valley) Eats Facebook group, which was started during the pandemic as well and has since grown to include more than 40K members.

When the group founder suggested Airmart as a place to find good, local Asian food, Priscilla was intrigued. Now, 60% of her customers order through the Mochee LA Airmart shop, while the remaining 40% are close family and friends who send their orders via DM.

What Mochee LA loves about Airmart

  • Proof of payment features. Priscilla found chasing down payments awkward and time-consuming. She loves that Airmart’s proof of payment features automatically remind customers to pay.
  • Ease of use. Wix was difficult to navigate and required a lot of back and forth, but Priscilla finds that Airmart simplifies the order management process and is super easy to use.
  • Diverse payment methods. Priscilla doesn’t accept credit card payments for fear of fraud. Airmart allows her to accept Zelle and Venmo, which she prefers.

Priscilla is such a big fan of Airmart, she recommended the platform to her sister, a baker who just moved to the U.S.

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