Where to Sell Microgreens

Now that you’ve started urban microgreen farming, you want to start a microgreen business. Selling microgreens can be a profitable side hustle if you know how to sell microgreens and where to sell microgreens.

The Airmart e-commerce platform is the ideal place to sell microgreens. It’s an online farmer’s market where farms and food producers can sell their products directly to consumers and wholesale partners. Join the dozens of successful microgreen farmers who sell on Airmart:

  • Washington farmer Juanita Chavarria grows and sells microgreens from home in her Airmart shop, Baby Chavs.
  • LifeFood Gardens sells microgreens to the LinkedIn headquarters and other corporate clients.
  • Girly Girl Greens provides chefs and households with live, uncut microgreens.

All microgreens business owners who sign up on Airmart will be listed in our Where to Buy Microgreens directory.

where to sell microgreens

Looking for “microgreens near me”? Visit our directory here to find microgreens for sale.

Where to Sell Microgreens

How to Sell Microgreens on Airmart

To set up an Airmart shop for your microgreens business, you will need:

  • A name for your business
  • A store description
  • Good photos of your microgreens
  • Product descriptions
  • A plan for order fulfillment/distribution

The store dashboard will ask you to select the payment methods you want to accept. For distribution, you can indicate a designated pickup spot for microgreens orders and/or deliver your microgreens with Airmart’s delivery route planning tool.

Many farms use our platform for their CSA box subscriptions as well.

Sell microgreens at the farmer’s market

Apply to sell your microgreens at local farmers’ markets. This can help you drive more customers to your online store. Just use your Airmart QR code to allow market customers to purchase with their phones.

Who buys microgreens?


You can sell microgreens wholesale to restaurants through your Airmart shop. Our platform makes it easy to create custom sales and even individual stores for different restaurant partners.

With our delivery route planning tool and delivery network, we can help you efficiently distribute your microgreens to local restaurants in your area.

Alternatively, you can approach local restaurant owners to inquire about becoming a supplier. You can go into the restaurants to ask in person, find a supplier/vendor inquiry form on their websites, or write to the official email. The information on how to sell microgreens to a restaurant may also be under a tab titled “Sourcing” or “Partnerships” on the website. To find the types of restaurants that buy microgreens, search for “farm to table” and “seasonal cuisine.”

Grocery stores

To sell microgreens to grocery stores, look for the Vendor/Supplier section on your local stores’ websites. From there, you can find out about the new vendor application process and what standards your microgreens business will need to meet to qualify.

sell microgreens to grocery stores

Target makes it easy to apply with their Supplier Intake Form.

You can also sell microgreens to grocery stores directly from your Airmart shop. Join the Airmart reseller network to connect with online grocers who would like to stock your microgreens in their own Airmart stores.

You can also sell to traditional grocery stores by opening a wholesale shop, just as you would for selling to restaurants.

Home chefs

microgreen salad
Photo by Quin Engle on Unsplash

You may even find your microgreens customers on Airmart. Our platform hosts home chefs and catering companies who could use your microgreens in their dishes. Connect to these small businesses in the Airmart marketplace.

Gift shops

Gift shops and other retailers often sell plant grow kits and small potted herbs for indoor gardening. If you partner with a pottery studio or another container supplier, you can sell potted microgreens as gifts.

Generate a list of local customer leads

You can use Airmart AI to generate a list of potential microgreens customers in your area. To use it, you just need to become an Airmart seller (completely free). After creating an account, you can go back to the AI tool and type in this prompt:

“Please create a list of restaurants, retailers, farmers’ markets, CSA programs, catering companies, and cooking schools within an hour’s drive of (Town, State) I can sell my microgreens to. I’d like to know why and how to contact them.”

Here are some examples of the leads for Portland, Oregon:

Here is a list of restaurants, retailers, farmers’ markets, CSA programs, catering companies, and cooking schools within an hour’s drive of Portland, Oregon, along with their contact information and a brief note on why they may be interested in purchasing your microgreens:

1. Restaurant: Ava Gene’s

– Why: Known for their focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

– Contact: Website: avagenes.com | Phone: (503) 235-0059

2. Retailer: New Seasons Market

– Why: Emphasizes local and sustainable products, including organic produce.

– Contact: Website: newseasonsmarket.com | Phone: (503) 224-7522

3. Farmers’ Market: Portland Farmers Market (Downtown)

– Why: Supports local farmers and encourages sustainable agriculture practices.

– Contact: Website: portlandfarmersmarket.org | Email: info@portlandfarmersmarket.org

4. CSA Program: Zenger Farm CSA

– Why: Focuses on community-supported agriculture and offers a diverse range of produce to their members.

– Contact: Website: zengerfarm.org/csa | Phone: (503) 282-4245

5. Catering Company: Vibrant Table Catering & Events

– Why: Specializes in creating unique and sustainable menus using local ingredients.

– Contact: Website: vibranttable.com | Phone: (503) 297-9635

Promote your microgreens shop

In addition to connecting to grocery stores, chefs, and restaurants who may purchase your microgreens, you can also find customers with these tips:

  • Facebook groups: Most Airmart farms have found success by posting their shops in local Facebook groups. To find relevant groups, start by searching [your city name] + food, [your city name] + farmers, or [your city name] + vegans.
  • SEO and social media: Include relevant keywords in your Airmart microgreens shop and establish a social media presence on Instagram and TikTok.

Here is a microgreen nutrition chart listing the benefits of some of the most popular microgreens, which you can use in your marketing:

microgreen nutrition chart

For more tips on how to promote your microgreens business, check out our marketing playbook.

You don’t have to own a farm or lots of land in order to start a microgreens business. Start growing microgreens at home and sell your harvest on Airmart.

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