Microgreens Case Study: Girly Girl Greens

Girly Girl Greens is a certified organic microgreen and lettuce farm in Duvall, Washington. The mother-daughter operation supplies restaurants in Seattle, Bellevue, and Woodinville with live, uncut microgreens. Now, Girly Girl Greens is using Airmart to offer home deliveries in the Duvall area.

The Girly Girl Greens Story

Girly Girl Greens is a team effort between Candy and her daughter Bronte, who is one of eight daughters in a family of eleven children in total. Candy is the resident researcher and lettuce caretaker, while Bronte is the official owner of the business and primary microgreens grower. However, it was actually another sister, Alise, who planted the idea for the farm.

The family farm started providing chefs with high-quality microgreens from their greenhouses in 2016. When the 2020 lockdown happened, restaurants closed or severely limited their operations. So Bronte decided to offer home deliveries for her local neighbors.

Now, about 60% of business comes from these home delivery customers, and Girly Girl Greens are sprouting up in new restaurants all the time.

Switching to Airmart

Before Airmart, customers would fill out an order form on the Girly Girl Greens website. From there, Bronte would arrange to deliver the microgreens. She found this method of taking orders to be time-consuming and inconvenient. “I think it really discouraged people from ordering sometimes,” she said.

She needed a way to simplify the ordering process and give customers more confidence in ordering. When Airmart reached out, Bronte jumped at the chance to try a platform that would allow her to accept payment, schedule deliveries, and even plan her delivery routes. Prior to Airmart, she would reach out to customers and encourage them to re-order each month. Now, she uses Airmart’s subscription feature to turn all Girly Girl Greens customers into regulars.

What makes Girly Girl Greens microgreens different?

Why do so many chefs rave about Girly Girl Greens microgreens? Unlike other microgreens farms, Girly Girl Greens does not cut the greens before selling them. Keeping the microgreens in the soil longer ensures they maintain their nutritional value, flavor, and vibrancy.

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