CSA Box Subscriptions & Delivery Services

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a subscription box service farms offer to the public. Customers who sign up for CSA boxes pre-pay for mixed selections of produce. It’s a way of reserving a share of the harvest ahead of time. CSA guarantees a profit for farmers and ensures that crops won’t go to waste. The pre-orders help farmers cover the high overhead costs of operating a farm. CSA is also the primary way farmers sell direct-to-consumer (DTC).

oya organics csa box
Modesto and Marsha of Oya Organics

Now that more farmers are selling online, CSA box delivery services just make sense. The Airmart platform offers a CSA subscription feature for farms that includes delivery.

The leading CSA box subscription platforms and delivery services share many of the same features as Airmart, like route planning tools, wholesale selling, shipping integrations, inventory tracking, and robust order management systems.

Here’s how Airmart and the other top CSA software platforms differ:

Airmart CSA Box Service

  • Plans are $16/$19 per month with no fees
  • Payment methods include credit card, PayPal, Zelle, Cashapp, cash
  • Bay Area delivery fleet available to local farmers
  • Quick & easy setup
  • Tons of seller resources & detailed information about how selling works

Good Eggs CSA Box Delivery

  • The Good Eggs website provides little information for farmers and food producers who want to sell with Good Eggs. There is only an email address listed on the selling page
  • Food producers/farmers must drop off their products at the Good Eggs headquarters in Oakland, CA
  • Good Eggs requires farmers to have a high amount of liability insurance, which doesn’t make sense for small farms
  • The Good Eggs platform manages orders and customer communications on farmers’ behalf

Barn2Door CSA Box Subscriptions

  • Barn2Door requires a one-time setup fee ranging from $399-$599 depending on the size of the farm
  • All farmers must have their own delivery drivers
  • Plans cost between $84-$199/month
  • The platform is confusing to use

Farmigo CSA Software

  • Cost is 2% of deliveries, $150/month minimum
  • Little information is available on the website
csa box Airmart

Airmart saves farmers time and money with our user-friendly platform and low monthly pricing.

Join Radical Family Farms, Oya Organics, Sweet Girl Farms, and others who are thriving on Airmart.