How To: Farm Photoshoot

The farmer’s market is moving online. With Airmart, you can open your own online farmstand for delivery and pickup orders. But before you can launch your shop, you’ll need lots of product photos, farming action shots, and photos of your farmland. Here is how you can DIY a farm photoshoot.

What you need for your farm photos

  • Digital (DSLR) camera or smartphone with a good camera (newer models of iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy all work great)
  • Your most photogenic produce
  • A background. This could be a sheet you hang up, the side of a building, a blank wall, or a table.
  • Props like crates, baskets, etc.
oya organics homestead products
Modesto and Marsha of Oya Organics

Tips for a successful farm photoshoot

  • Take photos outside when possible, or in an indoor space with lots of natural lighting.
  • Don’t overedit the photos. Let the vibrant greenery and colorful rainbow of fruits and vegetables shine.
  • For product photos: You can use wooden crates, baskets, or other containers to display your produce, or simply hold it in front of the camera.
  • Include yourself and/or other employees in the photos. Photos with people in them perform best on social media, so show the faces behind the farm in farming action shots.
  • Take your photos in portrait (as opposed to landscape) if you are using them for Instagram.
  • Browse stock photos for ideas.

Farm photoshoot ideas

Flat lay: Using a clean, blank background, photograph your produce from above.

Cornucopia: Gather a variety of fruits and vegetables and display them in a cornucopia or any other woven basket you have.

Morning dew: For gorgeous photos, capture close-ups of the dew drops on the crops just after watering.

farm photoshoot
Photo by Fabrizio Frigeni on Unsplash

Recipes: Take photos showing how customers might use the produce they buy from your farm. These could be photos of salads, pies, soups, smoothies, or whatever recipes you can dream up.

Monochromatic: Sort your produce by color for individual photos of each color group.

The Twilight: For photos of apples, oranges, plums, limes, lemons, apricots, potatoes, and other round fruits and vegetables, spoof the Twilight book cover. All you need is a hand model.

How to edit farm photos

If you need to edit your farm photos, you can use the built-in photo editor in your smartphone, or upload the photos to apps like Snapseed or Photoshop Express for easy editing.

You want to leave the photos as natural-looking as possible, so do not add filters that alter the color of the produce.

Farm photo inspiration

Check out these farm shops for farm photoshoot inspiration:

Still need help with your farm photos?

Airmart offers a photoshoot service for all San Francisco Bay Area merchants.