Using Google Order Forms to Sell Food? Try Airmart.

It makes sense to use Google Order forms to take orders for your bakery or food business. After all, it’s a free and easy option that doesn’t take long to set up. However, the tool is very limiting for your business. You cannot accept payment or fulfill orders through Google Forms, and there aren’t many ways to make the order forms look professional.

Here’s why so many sellers switched from Google Forms to Airmart, the free e-commerce platform for food vendors.

Google order forms Airmart

Airmart vs. Google Order Forms


You cannot accept payment via Google Forms. Your customers will have to go to a separate app to send you payment, which you then have to verify yourself.

On Airmart, you can accept Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, Zelle, cash, and credit cards. You can then verify the payments directly in the Airmart dashboard.


Food vendors find that using the Airmart platform is 3x more efficient than using Google Forms. This is because Airmart handles everything all in one place, from the order to payment processing and fulfillment. Unlike with Google Forms, there’s no need to go to separate apps or tools to sell with Airmart.


There are very few customization options on Google Forms, and the order forms just don’t look professional. Airmart provides a website for your shop, with product categories, customizable layouts, a custom URL, video features, customer incentives, sales data, and much more.


Using Google Forms requires you to communicate with customers back and forth after you receive their orders to collect payment and arrange pickup and/or delivery. Airmart streamlines the entire order process. If you do need to communicate with customers, you can leave messages on their orders, send SMS, or email them.

Order Fulfillment

With Airmart, customers can schedule order pickup or choose delivery. You have the option to deliver orders yourself using Airmart’s route planning tool, ship orders with Airmart’s shipping integration, request a driver from Airmart’s delivery network, or call a DoorDash driver for on-demand deliveries through the DoorDash integration.

Google Forms makes taking food orders a multi-step process. Airmart simplifies the process so you can sell more in less time.

Just like Google order forms, Airmart is free and quick and easy to set up. Start selling in minutes when you open an Airmart shop.