How to Use DoorDash Delivery on Airmart

If you want to offer on-demand delivery to your customers, use the DoorDash integration on Airmart.

With the DoorDash integration, you can deliver within a 15-mile radius for $12-$16 per order. Simply request a delivery driver from the DoorDash network whenever a customer orders delivery.

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Why not just use DoorDash?

Why use DoorDash through your Airmart shop rather than just the DoorDash app? There are many advantages to using Airmart as an online ordering platform:

No commission

Unlike DoorDash, Airmart does not charge commission on any orders, whether for pickup or delivery.

No credit card fees

On Airmart, you can choose to accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and Cash App instead of credit cards to avoid facing credit card transaction fees.

No competition

When customers come to Airmart to order food, it’s because they clicked on your unique shop link and want to order directly from you. They won’t be shown a long list of other nearby restaurants.

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Mom’s Sticky Rice online ordering

Inventory updates in real-time

On Airmart, you can indicate how many of each item you have available. Then, when a customer purchases an item, the inventory will automatically update to reflect the remaining quantity. This way, you never have to call a customer to tell them the item they ordered is out of stock.

Handle orders directly

When a customer orders from your Airmart shop and chooses DoorDash delivery, they are still ordering directly from you. You won’t have to find and confirm the order from a 3rd party app. Only the delivery will be outsourced.

User-friendly, customized storefront

It’s easy to update Airmart with new products and limited-time offerings. You can also have a customized URL, direct communication with customers through email and SMS messages, in-shop videos, and a full ‘About Us’ section.

How to use Airmart DoorDash delivery

Add a Delivery option to your Airmart shop. You will have the option to do this when you first set up your store. If you already have a store, go to “Delivery & Pickup” in your store dashboard to add delivery.

When a customer places a delivery order, go to “Orders” in your store dashboard, and click on the order. You will have the option to request a driver through DoorDash.

What to charge for DoorDash delivery

Most Airmart merchants require an order minimum for DoorDash delivery and then charge at least $10 for the delivery fee.

The order minimum helps ensure that the delivery fee doesn’t surpass the cost of the items in the order. We recommend making the delivery order minimum at least $25.

Looking for other delivery options?

Explore all the delivery options Airmart has to offer on our delivery service page.