Alternatives to DoorDash

Of all the alternatives to DoorDash, Airmart is by far the best. Our online ordering system is the most affordable option for restaurants that take pickup and delivery orders. DoorDash charges a 6% commission on all pickup orders and 15%-30% commission on delivery orders, but on Airmart, you’ll never pay a commission.

Airmart’s standard service is $16/month for an unlimited number of transactions. That same amount would only cover $267 a month in pickup orders with DoorDash commission fees.

alternative to DoorDash

Airmart is one of the top alternatives to DoorDash because it has all the features of DoorDash, plus:

  • Custom URLs for shops: Your very own online store, named after your restaurant, powered by Airmart.
  • POS system for in-person orders: With Airmart QR codes, you can take orders and payments in-store. This way, pickup, delivery, and in-store order information is all in one organized place.
  • Built-in marketing tools: Share your Airmart shop on social media with tools like livestreaming and AI writing.
  • Cash checkout: Take cash for in-store transactions and pickup orders and never deal with credit card fees.
  • Real-time inventory management: When you’re low in stock or completely sold out, customers will know right away. This saves you the hassle of calling customers and canceling orders.
  • Reliable delivery: Our merchants have had issues with DoorDash failing to complete deliveries on time and losing items. Airmart’s efficient delivery service is 100% reliable, so your customers are always happy.

Airmart: One of the ethical alternatives to DoorDash

With fees and unauthorized discounts, DoorDash makes it harder for restaurants to turn a profit. At Airmart, we are pro-small business. Everything on our platform is designed to help restaurants keep more of their hard-earned money and grow their businesses.

Stop paying DoorDash via Google

If your restaurant’s Google listing is linked to DoorDash, you’ll be charged every time a customer clicks ‘Order Online.’ To skip these extra unnecessary commission charges, remove DoorDash from your Google business listing. Replace the Order Online link with an Airmart store link.

We do offer a DoorDash delivery integration that allows you to request DoorDash drivers, as well as other affordable delivery options. If your restaurant is in the San Francisco Bay Area, can use our local delivery fleet, which delivers anywhere between San Francisco and San Jose.

Some merchants use DoorDash in addition to Airmart. While Airmart is great for restaurants with existing customer bases, DoorDash can help customers discover new restaurants they didn’t know about. Restaurants can pay extra for the discoverability feature of DoorDash for new customers, but send existing customers to Airmart, so they never have to pay commission to sell to their regulars.

Start keeping more of what you earn by taking orders with Airmart.