Fruit Delivery Bay Area: 180 Fruit Stand

If you’re looking for fruit delivery of rare varieties, Joseph Hsu of JH Family Ranch is your guy. He owns the 180 Fruit Stand on East Kings Canyon Road in Fresno, CA. The welcoming yellow stand flanked by beautiful shrubs and flowers is hard to miss. While the small location mainly gets traffic from travelers on their way to and from Kings Canyon National Park, the stand also has an online presence.

Bring your own farm online with an Airmart shop:

fruit delivery bay area

Before opening 180 Fruit Stand, JH Family Ranch only sold produce wholesale. Now, the farm sells directly to customers at their stand, through their fruit delivery service, and at various pickup locations throughout the Bay Area.

The fruits and vegetables at the stand are pesticide-free and never picked more than two days before delivery and last significantly longer than the supermarket and farmer’s market produce.

Locally Grown, Globally Inspired Produce

Along with a wide selection of Chinese produce, Joseph grows a rare white peach called the Japanese Royal Peach. Until recently, only the Japanese royal family ate this peach variety. Joseph shared that one elderly Japanese customer was shocked and delighted to find the royal peach at 180 Fruit Stand. She told Joseph that she only knew the variety because her father was the caretaker of the fruit for the Japanese royal family.

japanese royal peach bay area
Japanese Royal Peach

In addition to selling his own farm’s products, Joseph works with more than 20 nearby small farms owned by Chinese and Mexican immigrant families. These partnerships allow him to curate a wider range of fruit and vegetable offerings at his stand. Joseph will only sell products from farms based out of Fresno that do not use pesticides and follow a traditional way of farming. This means that they’re all family-owned, small-acreage farms that don’t use commercial machinery.

Prior to joining Airmart, Joseph first brought his farm online with another platform that didn’t have a payment processing feature. It was difficult to organize and track who had and hadn’t paid.

Fruit delivery on Facebook

When Joseph joined a Facebook group of local food vendors, he noticed a nearby hot food vendor was using Airmart to sell food online. After posting the 180 Fruit Stand Airmart shop in the Facebook group, Joseph discovered a whole new market of customers. People from all over the Bay Area wanted to order fruit delivery and pre-order produce for pickup.

Now, the family ranch offers pickup in San Jose, Fremont, and Union City, and just recently started using the Airmart fulfillment services to offer delivery.

Reliable fruit delivery

Things don’t usually get busy at 180 Fruit Stand until April. Meanwhile, Joseph is already looking ahead to summer, when the deliveries will be the hardest. The high California summer temperatures can easily damage fragile fruits and vegetables. 180 Fruit Stand’s produce needs to be delivered efficiently and with the utmost care.

Strawberries from 180 Fruit Stand

Airmart understands that a reliable farm delivery service must maintain the quality and freshness of local produce, especially during the summer. This quality assurance has Joseph feeling confident that he has chosen the right delivery service for his farm.

Reaching new customers

Right now, 180 Fruit Stand mainly finds customers in the Bay Area’s Chinese community. Joseph is looking forward to reaching a new market of customers with the help of Airmart’s marketing team and online community.

Airmart’s fruit delivery service makes it possible for Joseph to share his fresh produce with more of the Bay Area.

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