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Produce is a top category in grocery delivery. Produce delivery in the Bay Area has continued to grow, long after farmer’s markets have re-opened across the country.

Popular larger companies like Farm Fresh to You and Misfits Market often source fruits and vegetables from various farms across the country to create their produce boxes. With their massive distribution scale, the customers they serve are hardly getting “fresh and local” produce anymore. The customers might as well be shopping at their local big-box grocery store.

Independent farms have the opportunity to hop on the farm-to-table trend and deliver truly local, fresh produce to neighboring consumers through Airmart.

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Produce Delivery in the South Bay Area

Farm to Your Tables, a pesticide-free, small-batch farm in Morgan Hill that uses Airmart to offer produce delivery. Farm to Your Tables is the Bay Area’s go-to place for locally grown leafy green Asian vegetables like Chinese broccoli and Taiwanese spinach. They also grow Japanese oranges, cauliflower, several varieties of bok choy, cabbage, snow peas, zucchini, Chinese eggplant, shiitake mushrooms, and more.

At Farm to Your Tables, they don’t store any fruits or vegetables overnight. The goal is to sell everything the day it is harvested to ensure maximum freshness. This means it’s critical for the farm to send orders out quickly and efficiently.

Before joining Airmart, Farm to Your Tables’ customer base was limited to those nearby. Selling their fresh produce to as many locals as possible in a short amount of time without a delivery option was difficult.

When she started Farm to Your Tables in 2017, Alice launched her own website and arranged order pickups with local customers in the South Bay. Now, Airmart’s online storefront and delivery service allow Alice to share her harvest with more of the Bay Area.

“Everyone at Airmart is super nice, the pick-up drivers are always on time, and it works well for my schedule,” Alice said of the platform.

Alice is one of many local food producers who are connecting to Bay Area communities through Airmart’s online marketplace. Join Alice and spread the farm-to-table movement by launching your own shop.

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Airmart is an online platform to help farmers, local merchants, and small businesses connect with their customers. Airmart got its start helping produce wholesalers and minority-owned restaurants sell direct-to-consumer during the pandemic and save their businesses. It has since expanded to developing custom features for merchants to showcase their products, collect orders, and facilitate delivery.

When you start selling your products on Airmart, you will join a wonderful community of makers, chefs, and bakers who are earning a living through their small businesses.

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