Farm Case Study: Gilroy Happy Farmer

Gilroy Happy Farmer is a second-generation family-owned farm providing organic, greenhouse-grown produce to customers throughout the Bay Area. They use Airmart’s delivery service to make it easy for busy families to get fresh vegetables every week. For the owner Allison Deng, the best part of Airmart is the customer service. “Any time I have a problem, I get a quick response and it gets resolved within a day or two.”

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Gilroy Happy Farmer’s Story

Gilroy Happy Farmer

When Allison’s father-in-law first came to the United States, he found work as a busboy in San Francisco restaurants. Before long, he realized he wanted more for his family and decided to rent farmland in San Jose. Once he saved enough money, he was able to purchase more land in Gilroy. The farm became a B2B (business-to-business) operation, bringing fresh vegetables to local restaurants and supermarkets.

While Allison enjoyed working with her husband’s family, she wanted to start something of her own. When COVID-19 hit, Allison saw a new opportunity for a B2C (business-to-consumer) farm.

She arranged a no-contact pickup system for vegetable orders, as well as a delivery service. Initially, she took orders by posting on Facebook and asking customers to send her a message or comment. Then, she moved to Google Forms. As her business grew larger and larger, Allison realized Google Forms was not enough.

Delivering with Airmart

Allison then started selling on the Shopline app. However, she quickly decided she needed a platform that could help her expand her delivery service. After all, people were returning to work and no longer had the time to go shopping or pick up orders.

Allison discovered Airmart and began sending produce to the Hayward warehouse for Bay Area-wide delivery. Now, she works with both her original delivery driver and Airmart to deliver fresh vegetables to customers in nearby San Jose and all the way north to San Francisco. “Without Airmart’s delivery service, I wouldn’t be able to reach all of the Bay Area,” Allison said.

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