Types of Shrimp for Sale on Airmart

Shopping for shrimp? Choose from several different types of shrimp and prawns in seafood shops on Airmart. Our seafood merchants bring in live shrimp of all sizes, and some offer dry shrimp. Here you will find white shrimp, Gulf shrimp, mantis shrimp, red Argentine shrimp, and more.

types of shrimp

Most of our seafood vendors deliver within the San Francisco Bay Area. Some merchants offer nationwide shipping for frozen shrimp. We’re expanding our roster all the time, so check back soon to find fresh seafood near you.

Types of Shrimp Available on Airmart

Oceanpath offers white shrimp, Red Devil shrimp, roche shrimp, and mantis shrimp for sale via shipping, delivery, and pickup in San Francisco.

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Find shrimp head on, and wild Gulf shrimp here. One Ocean Seafood provides next-day delivery throughout the Bay Area.

Visit Dragon Baby Fresh for coral shrimp and Taihu river shrimp. You can find Dragon Baby Fresh at the Foster City and San Jose farmer’s markets, or order delivery.

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Pick up live flower shrimp and live spot prawn shrimp at Ocean Seafood Market in San Francisco, or order delivery.

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Ocean Empire offers a seasonal selection of different types of shrimp, including white prawn shrimp for pickup in South San Francisco or Foster City.

Ai Food Inc. offers a wide variety of types of shrimp, including Argentine Red shrimp, also known as Argentina shrimp.

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Don’t see your favorite shrimp here? Check back soon! Our seafood vendors update their shops weekly.