The Best Seafood in San Francisco

Ocean Empire provides the best seafood in San Francisco to customers around the Bay Area. The South San Francisco-based supplier is a branch of a wholesale seafood enterprise that started out serving Asian restaurants and supermarkets.

best seafood in san francisco

For the last three years, Ocean Empire has been using Airmart to take pre-orders, manage inventory, and maintain important customer relationships. “We prioritize building strong relationships with each customer by providing attentive and personalized support throughout their journey with us,” said Ocean Empire founder Eric Wu.

When Eric first established the distribution branch in 2020, he tried setting up shop with One Market, Wix, and a combination of Google Forms and Google Sheets. But none of those tools were comprehensive or user-friendly enough to provide an efficient order management system.

“By leveraging Airmart, we have streamlined our online ordering process, providing a seamless shopping experience for our customers,” Eric said.

Over the three years since joining Airmart, Eric has witnessed his business grow and improve along with the platform.

“Airmart now stands out as one of the smoothest and most efficient online e-commerce platforms available to small business owners,” he said.

Eric identified these three Airmart features as the most essential tools for his online seafood business:

  • Options for charging based on weight
  • Pre-orders for multiple pickup locations
  • Secure credit card payment methods

Moving forward, Eric is also looking to partner with Airmart for deliveries.

The Story Behind the Best Seafood in San Francisco

best seafood in san francisco ocean  empire

For Eric, launching a seafood venture to provide the best seafood in San Francisco just made sense. After all, he spent his first few years out of college managing his mother’s restaurant, Warehouse Buffet. The waterfront restaurant in Foster City serves Korean BBQ, hot pot, and sushi, and is now one of the pickup locations for Ocean Empire customers.

Working in the family restaurant gave Eric the expert knowledge needed to vet all of Ocean Empire’s products.

“I personally inspect and test all our products to guarantee their excellence before they reach our customers,” he shared.

Ocean Empire’s amazing farmer’s market sales are a testament to the premium quality of the seafood. About 100 pounds of salmon and up to 250 pounds of clams are sold at the Millbrae and Burlingame markets every week. During crab season, sales reached a record 1,000 crabs in just one day.

Ocean Empire seafood is not only fresh and live but also affordable. “We believe that premium products should be accessible to everyone, and we work diligently to offer the best prices in the market without compromising on quality,” Eric explained.

Check out the Ocean Empire shop here.