The Best Etsy Alternative

D Huynh first opened her online shop Shallow d’Lights on Etsy in 2009. After more than a decade on the e-commerce platform, the Los Angeles fashion designer has migrated her store to a cheaper, more seller-focused Etsy alternative (hint: that’s us!).

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The Need for an Etsy Alternative

D sells custom digital art, handmade face masks, jewelry, clothing, and aromatherapy She started sewing her own outfits at a young age when she couldn’t find clothing she liked. During her time as an Etsy seller, she faced a total of five fee increases.

When Etsy started taking a higher commission last year, D took part in the Etsy strike. Soon after, Etsy started removing her shop listings, citing “violations” even though those listings had been in her store for years without issue. D decided it was best to leave the platform altogether rather than raise her prices to keep making a profit.

She believes Etsy has lost sight of its original mission and purpose because the platform now allows sellers to list mass-produced items that they did not make themselves. “As a one-person shop that truly does everything myself from start to finish, I cannot continue with the Etsy platform.”

Thinking of joining Shallow d’Lights and switching to Airmart? Here’s why Airmart is the best Etsy alternative for selling handmade goods.

Why Airmart is the Best Etsy Alternative

1. Lower costs

Airmart’s basic plan is free with no additional listing fees or commission. If you choose to accept payment from Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle, you can avoid credit card transaction fees.

Unlike Etsy, you will never be asked to participate in any paid advertising programs. If you want Airmart’s in-house marketing team to help promote your shop, you can add those optional services.

2. Less competition

Airmart is expanding into new categories that include shops like yours, so beat the crowds and competition by launching your store now.

Unlike Etsy, we do not recommend other “similar sellers” on your product pages or your shop page. Your small business will get the spotlight it deserves.

3. Quick and easy set-up

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Other Etsy alternatives require you to build out a fully designed website before you can add products and make sales. At Airmart, we want to make sure you can start selling right away. Our user-friendly, no-frills platform makes it simple to open your online shop and start making sales in as little as five minutes.

4. Stellar customer service

No more searching through Help articles and FAQs when you have an issue with your store. As a small company, Airmart can offer personalized, quick, and responsive customer service. We value our merchants and take all seller feedback seriously so that we can help small businesses thrive.

5. True ownership of your online shop

On Airmart, you can launch your online store in minutes without waiting for approval. You don’t have to worry about your online store getting randomly flagged or your listings being taken down.

6. Ship on your schedule

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There’s no one size fits all solution to shipping expectations. Some products take time to build, other products make sense to ship in batches. The Airmart platform is uniquely equipped to collect pre-orders so that you can fulfill orders in a timeframe that makes sense for your product.

FAQs: Airmart as an Etsy Alternative

What can I sell on Airmart?

Anything you can sell on Etsy, you can sell on Airmart! You’ll see from our homepage that we cater to food producers like farmers, bakers, and chefs, but our e-commerce platform works for online stores of all types.

How will customers find my Airmart shop?

You can direct customers to your Airmart store with links on social media and QR codes at events. Just like on Etsy, you can optimize your shop and each product listing for SEO to appear in Google search results. Airmart also offers a variety of unique marketing tools like livestreaming and video shops.

Your small business side hustle is a labor of love. Your hard work should allow you to make a reliable income, but on e-commerce marketplaces like Etsy, that’s not always the case. If the rising transaction fees and service charges have you looking for an Etsy alternative, consider selling your products on Airmart.

Migrate your Etsy shop to the Airmart platform for a rewarding and empowering e-commerce experience.