Selling Plants: A Profitable Side Hustle

It’s time to cash in on the plant craze and start selling plants. Airmart makes it easy for anyone to start selling plants online. All you need are healthy, beautiful plants, good photos, and a catchy plant shop name.

Why start selling plants?

7 in 10 millennials are self-described ‘plant parents,’ and they’re always eager to take in more plant babies.

selling plants online

During the pandemic lockdown, houseplants helped turn our homes into sanctuaries. They improved our air quality and boosted our moods at a time when our mental health was difficult to maintain. In fact, in a survey conducted by, 64% of respondents said they took up plant-keeping as a hobby specifically because of the pandemic. Of those hobbyists, 27% went into debt because of their plant obsession, and 90% said they are dedicated to plant-keeping for life.

Another study found that 19% of houseplant buyers plan to start spending more at online plant stores.

Is it legal to sell plants from home?

Yes, it is legal to sell plants from home online. But always research the state you are shipping them to or selling them in to make sure you aren’t selling invasive species or banned plants.

The best-selling plants

The key to success in selling plants online is to sell the plants people are searching for. Here are the top 6 most popular houseplants:

  1. Monstera deliciosa or Swiss cheese plant
  2. Ficus lyrata or Fiddle-leaf fig
  3. Pilea peperomioides or Chinese money plant
  4. Calatheas
  5. Spider plant
  6. Senecio rowleyanus or string of pearls

Other favorites include bamboo, snake plants, bonsai, prayer plants, and aloe vera.

How to Sell Plants from Home

Sourcing plants

Most nurseries will sell plants wholesale at a discounted rate. You can also grow plants to sell from seeds or cuttings and/or find plants to purchase for resale in Buy and Sell groups on Facebook.

fiddle leaf fig

Pricing plants

As with all pricing, start by calculating costs and labor. Then decide what profit margin you want to aim for, and study market prices for each plant type. Your prices can be higher depending on your target customers, your branding, and the scarcity of certain plant species.

Do you need a license to sell plants from home/online?

Generally, there are no licenses required for online plant sales unless imported or exported plants are involved. However, you do have to make sure your plants meet certain requirements. All plants you sell must be healthy, meaning pest-free and disease-free.

Check your state laws and the laws of the states your customers reside in to be sure you are not selling invasive species or banned plants.

Keep in mind that in Hawaii, all plants will be quarantined, which will push back their delivery dates. Several states, including Texas and Florida, prohibit the selling and shipping of citrus.

In California, you will only need a license if you plan to sell plants at farmer’s markets.

Selling plants online with Airmart

With Airmart, it’s easy to start selling plants online in minutes. You can set up a free shop and take payments from PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or credit cards. Our shipping integration will give you the best possible rates for shipping.

Airmart AI can help you come up with plant shop name ideas, plant descriptions, social media posts, and more.

plant shop

Shipping plants with care

It’s best to ship plants unpotted. To package a plant for shipping:

  1. Wrap the roots in a slightly moist paper towel and then wrap them with plastic wrap or place them in a plastic bag.
  2. Bundle the plant in newspaper and/or use rubber bands to secure each part of the plant.
  3. Place the plant in a strong corrugated cardboard box and fill in any empty space with newspaper or other packing filler.
  4. Tape the box closed for shipping.

Additional items to sell

When people buy plants from outdoor supply stores and nurseries, they can get everything they need for plant care all in one place. Make your store a one-stop plant shop by adding plant accessories like misters, watering cans, pots, planters, plant stands, plant hanging baskets, plant buddies/pot hangers, and more. You can purchase these items wholesale from other small businesses and resell them in your online plant shop.