AI Prompts for E-commerce

Airmart’s AI writing tool can help you create and promote your shop across social media and Google. It can also help you with customer communications and sales data. We’ve created a list of AI prompts for e-commerce that you can type into the AI chatbot when setting up, managing, and sharing your shop.

Each prompt has been tested by our team to ensure great results. All you have to do is copy and paste the example AI prompts into the AI tool, edit the prompts to fit your shop, then press ‘Enter,’ and watch the magic happen.

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Make the most of Airmart’s exclusive AI tool for e-commerce with these prompts:

Example AI Prompts for E-commerce

  • Brainstorm 5 shop names for a seafood shop
  • Help me write an online store description for a farm
  • Help me write a tagline for my cooking services
  • Help me write a product description for sourdough bread
  • Help me choose SEO Keywords for my shop
  • Help me write an Instagram bio for my grocery store
  • Help me write an Instagram post
  • Help me write an article about how I started my bakery
  • Help me respond to a negative review
  • Help me write a thank-you note to my customers
  • Help me write an email announcing a sale
  • Give me everything to set up a search campaign on Google Adwords for my shop [shop link] Can you also write 5 sets of ad copy for me and choose relevant keywords?
  • Give me everything to set up an Instagram ad campaign for my shop
  • Help me write a flyer for a pop-up event
  • For Excel Spreadsheets: Tell me how to find out which orders have ‘delivery’ listed under column C Fulfillment method
ai prompts for e-commerce