Selling Coffee Online: A How-To Guide

Now is as great a time as any to start selling coffee online. Americans run on coffee, and not just Dunkin.’ In the U.S. coffee is the second most-consumed beverage, topped only by water. The roasted coffee market is growing, and the best thing is, online coffee businesses are pandemic-proof. In fact, people were making even more coffee at home during lockdown when their go-to neighborhood coffee shops closed or became pickup-only.

If you have a special blend to offer, it’s time to share it with the coffee lovers of the world. This is your guide on how to sell coffee online.

How to Sell Coffee Online

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Check your cottage food laws

Many states’ cottage food laws allow roasted coffee beans, meaning you can sell coffee from home without a permit. Check your local laws to see if you can sell roasted coffee beans online in your state.

Work on your coffee branding

Before you start selling coffee online, you’ll need some solid branding. Decide on a coffee business name, logo, and tagline. Our AI writing tool can act as your coffee business name generator and give you slogan/tagline ideas.

In addition to a name and logo, you’ll need a brand story. Coffee drinkers have so many choices in their grocery stores and online, so why should they choose to support your coffee business over the competition? Is it fair trade or direct trade? Are you from a place where coffee is native? Nail down your coffee story by sharing the ‘why’ behind your business and explaining what sets your coffee apart.

Open an online shop

Airmart is the ideal e-commerce platform for selling coffee online. It’s free to open a shop and there are additional features for easy shipping and delivery. When you sell coffee online on Airmart, you can:

  • Offer recurring coffee subscriptions so that customers never run out of beans
  • Sell your coffee wholesale through the Airmart reseller network
  • Host limited-time sales for small batches
  • Find complimentary products to sell in your shop via the reseller network

Selling coffee online on Airmart

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Coffee businesses of all sizes use Airmart to sell and ship their roasts to customers.

HighNote Coffee

Tallio’s Coffee

Cortina Coffee

Join these online coffee businesses and start selling for free on Airmart.