Do I Need a Food License to Sell Charcuterie Boards in Texas?

Hey Texans! If you’re thinking of capitalizing on the charcuterie board trend, you’ll need to know all the laws for selling food in the Lone Star state. Let’s start with the first question on your mind: do I need a food license to sell charcuterie boards in Texas?

The simple answer is yes.

Why do I need a food license to sell charcuterie boards in Texas?

Like most states, Texas has laws in place to protect consumer health and safety. That means there are inspections and specific permits/licenses required for most food businesses. Because charcuterie boards involve potentially hazardous foods like meat and cheese, the Texas cottage law exemption does not apply.

To start your charcuterie board venture, you must apply for and receive a license from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

do i need a food license to sell charcuterie boards in texas

The most common type of license required by food vendors in Texas is the Texas Food Establishment License (TFEL). But, depending on the scale of your business, the location of your kitchen, and the channel of distribution, you might additionally need the following permits:

  • Texas Food Manufacturer License: if you are planning to package and distribute your charcuterie boards throughout the state.
  • Texas Food Wholesaler License: if you are planning to sell your charcuterie boards to retailers.

How to obtain your food license in Texas

1. Choose a location: Identify the location where you will be preparing, packaging, and storing your charcuterie boards. Your location must meet certain health and safety standards, including proper waste disposal, hand-washing facilities, and pest control.

2. Write your business plan: Make sure your business plan includes a detailed guide on how you plan to safely prepare, store, and distribute your charcuterie boards. No detail is too small in this step. The Texas DSHS will want to ensure you’ve thought of everything.

3. Pay the application fee: Submit your license fee with your application. The exact price will depend on the type of license you’re applying for.

4. Schedule an inspection: Once the Texas DSHS reviews your application, they will conduct an on-site inspection of your business location.

5. Obtain your license: Upon successful completion of the inspection, your license will be issued and you are free to start the last step in your process—selling your delicious charcuterie boards!

charcuterie board

As complex as it might sound, getting a food license to sell charcuterie boards in Texas is not as daunting as it seems. It’s a necessary step towards establishing a food business that satisfies customers and meets state standards of hygiene and safety. So, get your license, lay out your beautifully prepared charcuterie boards, and let the customers’ praises start rolling in.

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