How to Start a Charcuterie Business

Charcuterie boards are the centerpiece of every party. The beautiful but practical appetizer platters can be customized for all tastes, sweet or savory. But it takes a lot of curation to create an elaborate snack board, and some hosts would rather pay someone else to do it all. If you love the art of charcuterie, read on to learn how to start a charcuterie business.

charcuterie business

How to Start a Charcuterie Business (Legally)

The specific permit requirements for starting a charcuterie business aren’t clear, but at the very least, every food business owner should obtain a food handling certificate.

Most charcuterie board ingredients (like meat and cheese) are time and temperature sensitive and therefore not allowed by cottage food laws. Normally, this would mean you need a license to run your charcuterie business and an approved kitchen. However, because charcuterie boards include pre-packaged foods there may be an exemption if you prepare the boards on-site at each customer’s event.

Check with your local Department of Agriculture and health department for the best instructions on how to proceed safely and legally.

Charcuterie Board Business Names

Give your business the *char-cutest* of names! Here are some helpful hints for brainstorming charcuterie business names:

  • Puns are great!
  • Charcuterie boards can also be called grazing boards, grazing tables, party platters, or snack boards. They also have a cousin, the butter board. We like to call them “party boards.”
  • You can make it easy for customers to find your shop by incorporating the name of your city or larger metropolitan area in your business name.
  • Don’t overthink it! Sometimes the best names are straightforward. There’s a place that does charcuterie in Portland, Oregon and the name is simply “Cheese & Crack.”
  • Ask our AI writing tool to give you some ideas for charcuterie business names.

Setting your charcuterie business apart from the rest

birthday charcuterie board for sale

Your boards will be the star of every party and event, so make them the very best! Expand your offerings to include dessert charcuterie boards, butter boards, brunch boards, tea party boards, and special holiday-themed boards. Some of our merchants offer add-ons like jams, drinks, and flowers as well.

Charcuterie Board Pricing

Customers aren’t just paying for the food on the board. They’re paying for your creative service of curating and arranging everything on the charcuterie board. You’ll need to factor in the cost of ingredients and the board and then put a price on your time and talent.

Here’s what Airmart chefs charge:

  • SD Cheese Boards start at $55 for a board that serves two people, and an eight-serving board is $160. For larger parties, the prices reach up to $300.
  • Charcuterie boards for two from CurrySutra are $65, and each additional portion is $28 from there.
  • Clean Eats By DK sells charcuterie boxes that serve 1-2 people, with four boxes priced at $80 and eight boxes for $145.

Charcuterie Board Delivery

Busy party hosts will appreciate the option for charcuterie board delivery. If you are located in California, you can trust our delivery service to handle your beautiful boards with care all the way to your customers’ doors.

You can also personally deliver the boards or arrange them on-site. Due to the delicate nature of charcuterie boards, most shops prefer to schedule pickups on the Airmart app.

These chefs use the Airmart e-commerce platform to list their charcuterie boards for sale and take custom orders:

Open online ordering for your charcuterie board business on Airmart: