Narci Organics

Maria Ana Reyes arrived in the U.S. at just fourteen years old after losing both of her parents in Mexico. She started as a fieldworker, moving from one harvest to the next to make ends meet. Now, Maria runs her own farm called Narci Organics in San Juan Bautista. Her two daughters, Yesenia and Angelica, work alongside her to run the certified-organic farm.

The mother-daughter operation is proud to offer a wide variety of crops. Narci Organics grows an array of colorful vegetables like kale, rainbow chard, purple cauliflower, artichoke, and so much more. Marigold flowers, or “flor de muerto,” an essential part of Dia de Los Muertos celebrations, also grow in the fields.

Maria started Narci Organics in 2016 thanks to the Farmer Education Program (PEPA) at the Agriculture & Land-Based Training Association (ALBA). Her two daughters studied Agriculture Business at Fresno State University to prepare to help their mother run the farm. Before joining the family business in 2021, Yesenia also gained experience in the agriculture industry at OceanMist.

Narci Organics’ produce is packaged in compostable, recyclable, sustainable boxes from Ready Cycle. The farm mainly does direct sales to non-profit organizations through high schools in nearby Morgan Hill. These efforts supply low-income families with fresh, local, organic produce.

The farm will soon begin offering CSA boxes through Airmart.

Farmers interested in selling through Airmart can sign up here.

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