How to Create a Catering Menu on Airmart

For an additional revenue stream for your food business, offer catering on the Airmart food ordering platform. Home chefs and restaurants alike sell large batches for parties and other events, but catering isn’t just for lunch and dinner meals. Bakeries, coffee shops, charcuterie businesses, and even ice cream vendors can offer catering packages. Here’s how to create a catering menu for your food business.

Catering menus on Airmart

Check out these Airmart shops for catering menu ideas:

Catering menu templates

Your Airmart shop can serve as your online catering menu. It’s easy to add photos, customizable options, and a variety of pricing structures to each catering menu item.

how to create a catering menu

If you’d like to create a printable catering menu, we recommend using Canva. This free, user-friendly graphic design tool offers menu templates to help you get started.

Prices for catering

Large quantities are usually priced at a discounted rate. For example, if your restaurant sells a single plate for $15, catering for 20 people might cost $12 a plate.

You can also increase prices to factor in the catering packaging, warming trays, and other presentation supplies.

Catering menu tips

  • List a variety of quantities to accommodate events of all sizes. You can always give customers the option to add additional servings to their catering orders.
how to create a catering menu
  • Offer add-ons to create all-inclusive catering packages. Supply customers with everything they need for their party or event by including add-on items like drinks, desserts, sauces, and other condiments.

Catering is not only a great revenue stream, but it also doubles as a marketing tool! Be sure to include your business card or Airmart QR code with every catering order. The more people that try your food, the better.