How to Become a Farmer

Farming is rewarding work that allows you to become more connected to the land, the food you eat, and your local community. If you are wondering how to become a farmer, there is much to learn from our farming case studies.

become a farmer
Modesto and Marsha of Oya Organics

How to become a farmer

Some farmers pursue degrees in agriculture. Others participate in alternative programs like farm incubators, internships, or apprenticeships. No matter which path you take, remember that farming is a long game.

While some crops like microgreens grow quickly, most farming endeavors will take years from planting to profit. If you want to learn how to become a farmer, we suggest working with and learning from others before starting your own farm.

Arrange group-buys

Group buys are a popular business model in many Asian communities. In a group buy, one community leader will collect food orders from their network of friends, family, and neighbors. Then, they will purchase those items in bulk (or wholesale) from a farmer. This allows the leader to receive a discount on the products. They will then distribute the product to members of their community. This way, only one person has to travel to the farms.

You can set up an Airmart shop for group buys.

Arranging group buys will let you get a sense of which items are the best sellers, so that when you do start your own farm, you’ll know which crops are the most profitable to grow.

Start a collaborative CSA

farm csa

Field to Fork is a collection of farms that create subscription boxes of fresh produce and other farm-made goods.

You don’t have to be a farmer to start or manage a farm box subscription. Instead, you can handle the logistical and selling side of the business. This might look like bringing farms together, building a CSA store, and spreading the word about the service through social media and marketing events.

Running a CSA will also give you insight into which items are the most popular among customers.

Give yourself a strategic advantage by learning the business side of farming with a CSA or group-buy shop on Airmart.