Candle Business 101

Candles are a household staple and a go-to gift for all occasions. The market is projected to hit $13.4B in 2023, so why not cash in with candle-making? Here’s how to start a candle business.

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How to Start a Candle Business

Choose a theme or niche

There are so many candle makers out there. To stand out, you’ll need to choose a theme or niche. For example, Charmed Aroma sells candles with jewelry surprises inside. You could sell all-natural, 100% vegan candles. Or maybe your candle business will have a theme and your favorite foods, places, books, or characters will inspire your candle scents. Each candle might have a cheeky name, a funky shape, or gorgeous artwork on the label. There are endless possibilities when it comes to making your candle business unique.

Select a wax

The wax is the base for your candles. Paraffin is by far the most popular candle wax, but it is not the most sustainable or eco-friendly. It’s derived from petroleum, coal, or oil shale, meaning the wax is a by-product of the crude oil refining process. Crude oil is not a renewable resource, and the refining process produces pollutants.

Beeswax is a great alternative to paraffin wax. You can find it online or buy it locally from a beekeeper. To make vegan candles, you can use palm wax, candelilla wax, soy, or even waxberries.

Melt the candle wax

Figure out the melting point of the particular wax you are using. Then place the wax in a double boiler or set it in a heat-safe container inside a pot of boiling water. Monitor the temperature with a thermometer as the wax melts.

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Mix in colors and fragrances

Color and scent your candles with oil-based dyes, essential oils, and fragrance oils. You can order lavender essential oils online from Las Lomas Lavender & Honey. For bulk candle-making, find wholesale fragrances and dyes from online candle-making stores or craft stores.

Choose the right wick

The most common candle wick types are cored, flat braid, square, and wooden.

The candle wick size will depend on the diameter of your candles. Candles that are larger in diameter will need larger wicks or multiple smaller wicks. You should also factor in the type of wax, fragrance, and dye you use when selecting a candle wick material. Use only oil-based scents and dyes.

Prep the candle molds

For the candle molds, you can use glass jars, metal tins, silicone molds, soda cans, or tea cups. Secure the wick(s) in the center of the mold with a wick holder or by tying a pencil to the wick and laying it across the top of the mold.

Pour the melted wax into the mold

Pour the melted wax into your molds slowly and carefully, leaving half an inch of space at the top. Make sure the wick does not move.

Let the candle cool

The candle will need to cool overnight or at least for several hours to solidify. Once you have a solid candle, trim the wick until it sticks out only 1/4 inch above the candle.

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Name your candle business

Not sure what to call your candle business? Use Airmart AI as a candle business name generator for ideas. Type in “Brainstorm 5 name ideas for a candle shop.”

For more ideas on how Airmart AI can help you sell candles online, check out our AI prompts blog.

How to price candles

If you shop at Bath & Body Works, you know candles can sell for as much as $30 a pop. And those are mass-produced candles! You can price your handmade, bespoke candles even higher depending on your market.

Calculate your candle prices based on the cost of materials, the time you spent making them, and the prices of similar specialty candles.

Where to sell candles online

Open an online shop for your candle business on Airmart. Setting up a store is quick and easy, and the platform is much more affordable than Shopify and Etsy. You can even connect to wholesalers in Airmart’s reseller network to reach more customers.

Candle Businesses on Airmart

Aimee sells adorable dessert-shaped candles in her shop, Nature Handmade Candles.

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