Asian Snacks on Airmart

Discover the best Asian snacks from small businesses on Airmart. Whether you’re craving sweet or salty, our selection is sure to satisfy your snacking needs. Choose from foods like dried fruits and meats, cookies, Asian rice snacks, chips, tea, and more. You won’t find anything like this at your local supermarket.

asian snacks

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Asian Candy and Snacks

Yang Kee Trading is a family-owned company that sells vegan and vegetarian Asian snacks like imitation pork floss, textured soy protein, and fried seitan rolls.

In addition to fresh produce, Gilroy Happy Farmer stocks an assortment of Asian seaweed snacks, crackers, and cookies. These snacks are available for pickup and local delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Xola Dragon ships savory eats like beef jerky, Asian fish snacks, and chili oil. Note: This shop is in Chinese.

HOJA offers nationwide overnight shipping on Taiwanese street food and snacks like sweet toast, taro cakes, meats, and various teas, including boba. Note: This shop is in Chinese.

Oceanpath Supermarket in San Francisco has a robust snack selection of rice noodles, strawberry chocolate croissant, plums, and meats. Get free shipping on orders over $99. Note: This shop is in Chinese.

Don’t be fooled by the name. This seafood shop also offers fresh produce, poultry, and of course, popular snacks like salted egg potato chips, flavored peanuts, and bayberry.

Find dried fruit, gummy candy, jerky, and other dried meat snacks at Aji Ichiban.

Duke Bakery ships a variety of sweet and savory breads like red bean toast, pork floss bread, and ube custard bread.

The Food Mamba grocery store offers a selection of Japanese candies like mochi, as well as European snacks.

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