Who Buys Trees for Lumber?

If any of the trees in your yard need to be removed anyway, be sure to research their value first. Depending on the species and size, the timber on your land could be a great source of income. With the help of a forester, you can find out who buys trees for lumber in your area and how much you can get for them.

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Most Profitable Trees to Grow

Some trees are more profitable than others. Most lumber yards and log companies are seeking hardwood trees that produce high-quality lumber. The most profitable hardwood trees are:

  • Black Walnut
  • Oak (Live Oak and Black Oak)
  • Hickory
  • Ash
  • Mahogany
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Teak

The profit also depends on the size of the tree. Some buyers won’t accept logs less than 12 feet long.

What is your timber worth?

A professional forester can help determine the value of the trees on your land. You can find foresters through your state, a local university, or a directory of independent professional forestry consultants. Consultants may charge a fee for their services.

To find a certified forester in any state, visit the directory on the Society of American Foresters website.

For a list of the state of California’s regional urban and community foresters, visit this document. To browse a complete directory of licensed foresters in California, check out this site.

In addition to timber cruising (determining the value of your trees), a forester can also ensure that your trees are removed in a way that protects surrounding wildlife and the land.

Who buys trees for lumber?

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A quick Google search will show you numerous companies that will buy your trees for lumber. Your forestry consultant may also refer you to buyers. To get a list of lumber buyers and their contact information quickly and easily without hours of research, you can try our AI tool.

To use it, you just need to become an Airmart seller (completely free). After creating an account, you can go back to the AI tool and type in this prompt:

“Please create a list of companies near (Town, State) I can sell my trees to. I’d like to know why and how to contact them.”

Here are the results for tree buyers near San Francisco:

Here is a list of companies near San Francisco, CA that you can potentially sell your trees to, along with information on their focus and contact details:

1. Urban Ore – A salvage company that accepts various materials, including trees, for reuse and resale.

Website: https://urbanore.com/

Phone: (510) 841-7283

2. The Lumber Baron – Specializes in reclaimed and salvaged lumber, including trees.

Website: https://www.thelumberbaron.com/

Phone: (415) 441-7776

3. Pacific Coast Lumber – Buys and sells reclaimed and salvaged wood, including trees.

Website: https://www.pacificcoastlumber.com/

Phone: (415) 441-7776

4. Arborica – Focuses on salvaging urban wood, including trees, and transforming them into unique products like furniture and slabs.

Website: https://www.arborica.com/

Phone: (707) 441-1658

5. Whole Wood – A lumberyard that accepts tree trunks and branches for milling into lumber.

Website: https://www.wholewood.com/

Phone: (415) 492-0500

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You can modify the AI prompt for a more specific query, like “who buys walnut trees near me” or “who buys oak trees near me.”