Where to buy kaffir lime leaves

Searching for where to buy kaffir lime leaves? You’ve landed in the right place. Airmart is the premier e-commerce platform for specialty produce and authentic Asian cuisine. Cathy Carlson of Las Lomas Lavender & Honey farm grows and sells kaffir lime leaves in her Airmart shop.

kaffir lime leaves

The aromatic, zesty leaves from the kaffir or makrut lime are a featured ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisine. Their essential oils also give perfumes a spiced citrus fragrance. However, the limes themselves are bitter and not usually eaten.

You’ll often find kaffir lime leaves in coconut-based broths and fish curries. Cathy, who discovered the herb while taking a cooking class in Thailand, enjoys using the leaves in pestos and rice dishes.

Chefs like to think of kaffir lime leaves as a bay leaf equivalent for Thai, Cambodian, and Indonesian dishes. Like bay leaves, the makrut lime leaves are placed in the dishes but not always eaten. There is no substitute for their unique flavor and aroma, so when a recipe calls for them, you either use kaffir lime leaves or omit the ingredient altogether.

makrut limes
Makrut limes

You can buy kaffir lime leaves fresh, frozen, or dried. As with many herbs, fresh is best. Dried lime leaves are not as aromatic or flavorful as fresh or frozen. Fresh makrut lime leaves last at least 2 weeks when refrigerated.

Where to buy kaffir lime leaves

Las Lomas Lavender & Honey farm will ship fresh lime leaves directly to your door. The Central Coast California acreage overlooking the Elkhorn Slough is home to 50 lime trees. The sustainable, no-till farm is pesticide-free and watered with rain catchment irrigation only when needed. The owner Cathy cares for the entire farm herself. She supplies lime leaves to Asian grocery stores, specialty shops in LA, and professional chefs. Las Lomas Lavender & Honey is a cottage food operation that previously sold with Good Eggs.

You can purchase kaffir lime leaves by the ounce or by the pound. All orders are picked the weekend after the order is recieved; rinsed with potable water and shipped in a plastic bag with a paper towel to collect the extra moisture. Shipping usually takes 2-3 days to most U.S. states.