Thai Orchids: Why You Should Sell This Long-Lasting Houseplant

The orchid is one of the top-selling flowers in the United States. With 25,000 species, these fragrant and long-lasting flowers make up 10% of all plant species on the planet. More than 1,000 of these species grow naturally in the tropical forests of Thailand, the world’s leading orchid exporter. Learn more about Thai orchids and why you should sell them.

thai orchids

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Thai orchid types

Dendrobium orchids are one of the most popular types of Thai orchids because they’re easy to care for and bloom many times a year. Cymbidium orchids (boat orchids) and vanda (blue orchids), and jewel orchids are also popular native species that grow in Thailand.

Selling Thai orchids

The easiest way to start selling orchids is to buy them wholesale from your local nursery or an online plant store. Once you have your inventory and good photos of each orchid type, you can set up a free online flower shop on Airmart.

Growing Thai orchids to sell

Alternatively, you can grow your own orchids to sell, if you aren’t in a hurry to open your shop. With orchids, patience is key. When you grow orchids from seeds, it will take between five to seven years for the flowers to bloom. So the orchids you buy from nurseries could already be a decade old. But rest assured, orchids are worth the wait and investment. Some flowers will last for half the year, and the plants themselves can live up to 100 years.

orchid houseplant

To grow orchids indoors, you will have to use orchid-specific pots. In the wild, orchids grow in warm, humid environments. Indoors, orchids should be placed in indirect sunlight. It’s important to note that these plants do not grow in soil, so you will have to pot them with a mix of moss, gravel, or bark instead.

In general, you’ll need to water orchids once a week, early in the morning. To avoid overwatering, only water when the orchid’s container feels light. Be careful not to get the flowers or leaves wet. If they happen to get splashed in the watering process, dry them off immediately.

Feed your orchids with orchid-specific fertilizer sparingly according to the fertilizer package instructions.

Sell orchids to food vendors

vanilla bean

Orchids aren’t just pretty, perfumey houseplants. They also provide us with an everyday ingredient. The Vanilla planifolia and the Tahiti-grown hybrid V. x tahitensis orchid species produce vanilla beans. Growing vanilla bean orchids will allow you to tap into a whole new market of customers, including bakers, chefs, grocery stores, and coffee shops.

However, vanilla bean orchids are not easy to cultivate. These plants must be hand-pollinated and are best grown in a greenhouse. For more information on growing orchids for vanilla beans, check out this growing guide.

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