Food Handlers Permit Seattle, WA

If you’re planning to kickstart your culinary career or simply work part-time in one of Seattle’s famous coffee shops, you’ll need to comply with relevant health and safety standards. A crucial one of them is obtaining the Food Handlers Permit. In this article, we will walk you through the process of acquiring your Food Handlers Permit in Seattle, WA, making the journey as straightforward as possible.

The Food Handlers Permit, also known as the food workers card, serves as certification that you are knowledgeable about food safety. Having a permit grants you eligibility to work in any food service establishment in Seattle, WA. You must obtain a food workers card in your first 2 weeks of employment.

How to obtain a food handlers permit in Seattle, WA

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1. Complete the Food Safety Training

The first requirement to get your food handlers permit is to undergo food safety training. You can pursue this education online or attend in-person classes offered by multiple authorized providers in Seattle, WA. This training will involve various food safety topics, including foodborne disease prevention, personal hygiene, temperature controls, cross-contamination control, cleaning and sanitizing procedures, among others.

The only approved online course for food workers is Do it Right, Serve it Safe! ( For in-person food safety training, you will have to contact your county’s health department here.

2. Pass the Food Handlers Test

After completing the food safety training, you will need to pass a food handlers test. This exam tests your understanding of the topics taught during the training. Be sure to review your notes thoroughly and pay close attention to key principles of food safety. Typically, most courses require a passing score of about 70% or higher to get your food handlers permit in Seattle, WA.

This food worker manual will serve as your study guide for the test.

3. Pay the Required Fee

Once you pass the test, you will need to pay a small fee to receive your food handlers permit. The cost of obtaining a food handlers permit in Seattle, WA, is $10. This fee covers the processing and licensure.

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4. Receive Your Food Handlers Permit

After making payment, your food handlers permit will be processed. Most providers will allow you to print your permit immediately from your computer, making it fast and convenient.

5. Renew Your Card

Remember, your food handlers permit in Seattle, WA, is not permanent. Your first food worker card will be valid for two years. Every card after that will remain valid for 3 to 5 years. Most permits include an expiration date, so keep track and make sure to renew on time. You will be required to retake the course and the exam to renew, ensuring you stay updated on the most recent food safety standards.

Working in the food industry in Seattle, WA, is a great opportunity, but always remember the immense responsibility that comes with it. The health and safety of your customers are in your hands. This makes the food handlers permit not just a legal requirement but an essential tool to ensure you’re well-equipped with knowledge and practices to keep your customers and your reputation safe.

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