MISHKA Dog Cakes Delivered with Airmart

MISHKA Boutique is an Instagrammer’s dream. Cheeky neon signs, disco balls, and pink furniture fill the glamorous Union Street lounge space, creating the perfect photo ops. But the gourmet glitz isn’t for foodies. Pet parents from all over California and beyond flock to the San Francisco pet store/doggy bakery for the signature MISHKA dog cakes adorned with real gold flakes.

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The drooling dogs that visit the bakery must patiently sit through the inevitable photo shoots before scarfing down the embellished treats.

And scarf down they do. Even the pickiest of pups enjoy the all-natural, meat-forward cakes. In fact, the canine customers are so satisfied that 70% return after their first visit.

The most iconic MISHKA dog cake is the teddy bear (mishka is the Russian word for ‘little bear’), but the menu also includes cakes in the shape of flowers, hearts, pinwheels, and pineapples. And that doesn’t even cover the custom cakes, which have included 3D floral and animal designs, multiple tiers, and a rainbow of colors.

With the top-tier cakes priced upwards of $80, it would seem that the luxury doggy bakery caters only to the wealthiest dog parents. But at $15 a pop, the smallest dog cakes are actually quite affordable.

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The Pups and People Behind MISHKA Dog Cakes

Lois Lane, a tiny black pug, is the chief pup at MISHKA doggy bakery. However, her mom, MISHKA founder Olia Rosenblatt, is the real superwoman behind the San Francisco dog cafe enterprise.

Olia came to the United States from Moscow in 2017. Back in Russia, she was living the dream. “I had a really cool life and I had no reason to leave at the time,” she said. By her early 30s, she had already traveled to 31 different countries. While Olia never intended to settle in the States, everything changed when she met her now-husband in California.

Though she knew little English, Olia was determined to start working in her new home. “I can’t sit and do nothing. I’ve been working since I was a teenager. I will die without work,” she explained.

With her husband’s encouragement, she sought to do something she loved. As a dedicated dog owner and the daughter of a professional chef, she was always cooking fresh food for her dogs, so baking dog treats just made sense.

She started experimenting with recipes in her apartment, with the goal of making beautiful, organic, all-natural dog cakes without artificial colors or preservatives. The result? A colorful vegetable-glazed treat made up of 80% meat that is California Department of Public Health and FDA-approved.

Olia Rosenblatt
MISHKA founder Olia Rosenblatt at the flagship dog cafe (San Francisco).

The company she founded on passion has now garnered thousands of fans who are equally passionate about the bakery. In fact, all of the MISHKA staff are former customers who fell in love with the brand. “We all get to do what we love and make money,” Olia said with a smile. “What could be better?”

Transforming the Lives of Dogs Everywhere

The luxury dog cafe isn’t just about spoiling your pup on special occasions. For everyday treats, MISHKA also offers jerky snacks and meatballs. Olia has even crafted special menus for dogs who were overweight and in desperate need of a new lifestyle. “One woman’s dog lost 16 pounds on an all-MISHKA diet and is now more active and playful than ever,” Olia shared. “There are so many customer stories like that.”

Before MISHKA joined Airmart’s roster of bakeries, customers were regularly driving from San Jose to San Francisco just to give their dogs a taste of the treats. But perhaps MISHKA’s most dedicated customer is Bacon the corgi, an Instagram-famous dog who travels with his dog mom from Arizona for a custom MISHKA birthday cake every year.

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But not every dog is fortunate enough to be spoiled with exquisitely decorated desserts, let alone taken care of in a loving home. To fill this gap and spread joy, Olia and her team deliver MISHKA dog cakes directly to shelter dogs in the Bay Area. “It’s so heartbreaking, seeing all these sad eyes in the cages. I cry every time we go to the shelters,” Olia shared. “I honestly wish I could do more.”

When Russia invaded Ukraine early last year, MISHKA directed their charitable efforts towards the animals who were left behind by fleeing citizens.

Big Things Ahead

MISHKA will soon have a total of 3 brick-and-mortar locations. You can also find MISHKA dog cakes at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, on DoorDash, Instacart, UberEats, and of course, Airmart.

Airmart delivers MISHKA cakes and treats to the Peninsula and the South Bay. “Honestly I can’t even compare Airmart to DoorDash or other platforms. I am just so impressed with the service,” Olia gushed. “It’s a great way to deliver my products long distance, and no one is overpaying for it.”

As the company expands into more locations, Olia looks forward to having the space to host Halloween events, fundraisers, and community festivals.

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“We’re going to try to set the Guinness World record for the most luxurious dog cake,” Olia announced with pride.

Also on the horizon: Nationwide shipping and deliveries in LA and San Diego with Airmart.

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