How to Start Selling Handmade Crafts Online: 39 Top-Rated Sites

Embarking on an online business journey selling handmade crafts can be an exciting yet daunting endeavor. With a plethora of platforms available for online selling, choosing the right platform forms one of the most critical steps in your online business journey. This article explores the 39 best places to sell handmade crafts online and pave the way for your selling breakthrough.

1. Etsy: This is the go-to platform for handmade crafters. It provides a global online marketplace with millions of buyers worldwide.

2. Amazon Handmade: Amazon provides a platform specifically for artisans to sell handcrafted products.

3. eBay: Although it’s not solely focused on handmade items, its vast customer base can offer a broader audience.

4. Zibbet: This site connects artists and artisans with a worldwide base of customers, setting you up for global success.

5. Handmade at Amazon: This is an artisan-specific site within Amazon, focusing solely on handmade crafts.

6. Uncommon Goods: This site emphasizes high-quality unique, handcrafted goods.

7. Bonanza: Known as a seller-friendly marketplace, Bonanza is excellent for those new to selling online.

8. Craft is Art: Focused solely on crafts and art, this site is an excellent venue for all kinds of handcrafted products.

9. Aftcra: Made in the USA, this platform dedicated to American crafters is another viable option.

10. Dawanda: Popular in Europe, Dawanda offers a unique market for your crafts.

The list continues with other remarkable platforms like Minted, Society6, Cargoh, iCraft Gifts, eCrater, Supermarket, Rebels Market, and Hyena Cart among others. These sites provide you an excellent opportunity to expose your creations to a wide market effectively.

In addition, other commendable platforms are Artfire, Big Cartel, You Can Make This, Made It Myself, Folksy, Storenvy, Zazzle, Spoonflower, Shopify, and Not on the High Street. Each of these sites offers distinctive features and specifications that might enthrall you to commence your selling journey.

For those with unique and customizable creations, platforms such as Custom Made, Cafe Press, Threadless, Redbubble, Image Kind, Teespring, and Skreened can indeed do justice.

Lastly, places like Culture Label, Foodzie, Luula, Modalyst, Scoutmob Shoppe, and Shapeways are also worth a try depending on the kind of crafts you intend to sell.

Choosing the right platform for your handmade crafts largely depends on the nature of your products, your target customers, and your business goals. Research each platform, check the user reviews, and understand the fee structures before finalizing.

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