How to Start Selling: 25 Ideas of Things to Sell at Festivals

Starting your own business can be a fun, rewarding endeavor, especially when it involves selling unique items at festivals. These events draw a large and diverse crowd, making them ideal venues to hawk various products. If you’re wondering about what to sell, here’s an inspiration list of 25 Things to Sell at Festivals ideas to kick-start your venture.

1. **Handmade Jewelry**: Unique, eclectic jewelry pieces always draw attention. You could specialize in creating bracelets, necklaces, rings or even distinct jewelry based on festival themes.

2. **Printed T-Shirts**: Get creative with themed, catchy phrases or design prints on t-shirts. They are always popular among festival-goers.

3. **Food & Beverages**: From hot dogs to vegan treats to kombucha, cuisine options can be incredibly diverse and lucrative.

4. **Artwork**: Be it paintings, sculptures, or mixed media pieces, art is always a crowd-pleaser at festivals.

5. **Vintage Clothing**: Curated collections of vintage clothing can attract fashion enthusiasts looking for unique finds.

6. **Photography Services**: Set up a photo booth to offer instant photos which serve as great festival mementos.

7. **Handmade Soaps and Candles**: Fragrance-filled, organic, or novelty candles and soaps can be a huge draw.

8. **Children’s Toys**: Selling unique, handcrafted children’s toys can be a successful niche.

9. **Face Painting and Temporary Tattoos**: These services are a hit among kids and adults alike.

10. **Plant-Based Products**: Think succulents, air plants, or herb growing kits.

11. **Cultural Items**: Selling traditional or cultural items can resonate with people who appreciate other cultures.

12. **Wellness Products**: Sell natural health and wellness products from essential oils to herbal teas.

13. **Handmade Purses and Bags**: Unique, original designs and customization can add value to these items.

14. **Festival Gear**: Think fanny packs, water bottles, sunglasses, or lightweight blankets for sitting on.

15. **Pottery and Ceramics**: Handcrafted pottery and ceramics can add charm to any home decor.

16. **Handmade Stationery**: Unique, beautifully designed stationery can be a hit with festival-goers.

17. **Vinyl Records**: Vinyl enthusiasts often seek out rare finds and collector’s items.

18. **Custom-Made Badges**: Badges with catchy phrases, festival-themed designs or customizable options can attract festival crowd.

19. **Handcrafted Footwear**: From funky sandals to handcrafted leather boots.

20. **Henna Art**: Offering henna art can be a fantastic way to attract crowds.

21. **Pet Accessories**: Think trendy dog leashes, pet bandannas, or handmade pet toys.

22. **Organic Beauty Products**: Natural, cruelty-free beauty products are in demand these days.

23. **Festival Themed Stickers**: These can be used to customize everything from water bottles to cars.

24. **Eco-Friendly Items**: Products like reusable straws, bamboo toothbrushes, and biodegradable glitter tie into the spirit of earth-friendly festivals.

25. **Leather Goods**: Handcrafted leather goods can be a high-ticket item that can bring in significant profit.

With these ideas for 25 Things to Sell at Festivals, you can discover the best items that suit your interest and align with festival themes and demand. And once you’ve figured out what you want to sell, the next step is to consider where to sell. A versatile online platform such as Airmart is an excellent place to start. It allows you to create your own virtual storefront where you can showcase your products and reach a larger audience, even beyond the festival crowd. Start your selling journey with Airmart today!