How to Sell Things Online: 22 Websites and Marketplaces to Use in 2024

Discover the digital landscape with this comprehensive guide on 22 selling sites and marketplaces for selling things online in 2024. Online platforms have revolutionized the retail industry by providing opportunities to businesses and independent sellers to reach a global audience.

Whether you are a small business looking to expand online, an individual keen on selling homemade products, or just someone wanting to get rid of unwanted items, you are in the right place. This article will provide a list of websites and marketplaces that are creating opportunities for selling things online, making it possible to market your products to a global audience.

1. **Amazon**: As the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon accommodates individual sellers, small and large businesses for selling a diverse range of items with its user-friendly interface.

2. **eBay**: This worldwide marketplace with an auction-style selling model is another favourite platform for online selling.

3. **Etsy**: For those involved in crafting, art or vintage items, Etsy provides a niche audience with interest in handcrafted and unique products.

4. **AliExpress**: A part of Alibaba Group, AliExpress is an e-commerce platform for international buyers and sellers.

5. **Rakuten**: Often referred to as “the Amazon of Japan”, it’s a top website for online selling, specifically for electronics and tech-related products.

6. **Shopify**: A platform that lets individuals and businesses create online stores.

7. **Bonanza**: Known as a seller-friendly marketplace, Bonanza is a platform where you can set up a shop effortlessly.

8. **Mercari**: A marketplace app where sellers can list and sell miscellaneous products.

9. **Craigslist**: Despite its minimalist design, this classified advertisements website is a good place for selling items locally.

10. **Poshmark**: This platform is quite attractive for fashion enthusiasts who want to sell or buy clothing and accessories.

11. **Facebook Marketplace**: Utilising the power of social media, Facebook Marketplace facilitates buying and selling within communities.

12. **Grailed**: A peer-to-peer marketplace centered around men’s fashion, specifically for high-end brands and streetwear.

13. **Nextdoor**: A social networking service for neighborhoods allowing for local transactions.

14. **Depop**: An online marketplace for unique and vintage clothing and accessories with a social media-like interface.

15. **Swappa**: A user-to-user marketplace for gently used technology and electronic devices.

16. **OfferUp**: An application that makes it easy for users to buy and sell items locally.

17. **Squarespace**: Although traditionally a website building platform, Squarespace has e-commerce capabilities ideal for artists and photographers.

18. **WooCommerce**: An open-source plugin built for WordPress, allowing businesses to build their online stores.

19. **BigCommerce**: This platform offers established brands and fast-growing startups everything they need to sell online.

20. **Zazzle**: A marketplace that allows designers to create their designs and sell products.

21. **ArtFire**: An online marketplace dedicated to crafts, allowing people to sell vintage, handmade, and craft supplies.

22. **Ruby Lane**: An online marketplace that encourages the selling of antiques, art, vintage collectibles, and jewelry.

As seen, the possibilities of selling things online in 2024 are wide and varied. Choose a platform that suits your product’s nature and your business’ size and requirement. Remember to create product listings that stand out and use clear descriptions and high-quality pictures.

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