How to Sell Crafts and Handmade Products on these 7 Websites

Putting your heart and soul into your crafts and handmade products is incredibly rewarding. With each stitch, brush stroke, and hammering, you give a unique summer of your artistry, transforming raw materials into exceptional works of art. Yet, these crafts and handmade products can do more than just satisfy your artistic cravings. They can also turn into a lucrative business. How? Enter the world of e-commerce. Today there are 7 Websites for Selling Crafts and Handmade Products that can help you reach an international audience.

1. Etsy: This platform has made a name for itself as the go-to place for anything and everything handmade. Etsy functions as an online marketplace, giving artisans a platform to showcase their unique crafts. With a user-friendly interface, a vast customer base, and support for sellers, Etsy is a perfect platform for selling your crafts.

2. Amazon Handmade: This is a new venture by the e-commerce giant, Amazon. This handmade division is specifically for artists to sell their handmade products. With Amazon’s massive reach and user base, you are bound to find an audience for your products.

3. eBay: Though primarily known as an auction site, eBay also offers a platform for selling handmade crafts. eBay has a considerable customer base, and by opting for the ‘Buy It Now’ option, you can sell your crafts at fixed prices.

4. Handmade Artists: This platform was created by people passionate about handmade items. It provides a supportive community environment and a robust platform to sell your craft. With affordable advertising and no commission on sales, it can become your launchpad.

5. Artfire: Another excellent platform for selling handmade crafts. Artfire offers a wide array of selling tools and options and it’s easy to set up a shop.

6. Folksy: This UK-based online shop exclusively for handmade crafts is artist-friendly. With a mission to support crafters and their creativity, Folksy welcomes all artisans.

7. Hyena Cart: This platform is perfect for those who indulge in eco-friendly and natural crafts. Hyena Cart is a favorite among artisans who create their products considering the sustainability aspect.

Naturally, every platform has its strengths. Hence, you might want to try out a couple of them to see which one better suits your demands and style. Remember, excellent pictures and a compelling product description play a crucial role in winning the customer over.

As artisans, it is essential to adapt to the digital age without compromising your art’s integrity. Selling crafts and handmade products online is not just a revenue channel but also an opportunity to build a community of like-minded individuals who value and appreciate your artistry.

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