How to Begin with the Top 4 Free Ecommerce Platforms

The digital era has ushered in an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs of all palates. Thriving in the unprecedented virtual market, e-commerce has established itself as an incredibly lucrative domain. Various key players offer platforms to facilitate e-commerce, and among these, we will be discussing the 4 best free ecommerce platforms, allowing you to start your business with almost zero investment.

Shopify Lite

Despite the word ‘lite’ in its name, Shopify Lite offers formidable services. Unlike the full version of Shopify, which is a standalone e-commerce platform, Shopify Lite is a wallet-friendly add-on to an existing website, significantly important for those who want to integrate e-commerce into their existing online presence. You can sell products directly on your website and through social media channels. It is ideal for small to medium enterprises aiming for growth in digital markets.


Noteworthy among the 4 best free ecommerce platforms, WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that converts a WordPress website into a full-fledged online store. Its extensive features include product listings, shopping carts, and checkout processes. WooCommerce allows you to add unlimited products and images, receive payments and manage orders and customers effectively.

Square Online

Square Online is another free platform perfect for starting an online store. It offers multiple ecommerce features, including Instagram integration, pickup and delivery options, automatic inventory, order tracking, and more. Square Online also includes SEO tools for increased website visibility.

Big Cartel

Targeted at artists, Big Cartel offers a straightforward set-up to sell your work. Its free version allows you to sell up to five products; hence, it is ideal for small businesses, artisans, or hobbyists. Big Cartel’s simplicity shines through its convenience and user-friendly interface.

To begin with these platforms, you need to consider your requirements and the nature of your business. If you already have a website and want to extend it as an ecommerce platform, Shopify Lite is the go-to choice. If you aim for a substantial online store equipped with all ecommerce features, WooCommerce and Square Online may serve you best. However, if your goal is to sell art, then Big Cartel may be the perfect fit.

The world of ecommerce is vast, with each platform offering a unique set of features. Choosing the ideal platform compatible with your business requirement is the first step towards a successful online business. Experiment with these free platforms and gradually increase your budget as your venture grows.

In the end, success hinges on choosing the right platform, ongoing optimization, and relentless improvements. Embrace the potential of ecommerce and ride the wave of digital entrepreneurship. Once you are ready to take a step further and extend your online business, you can consider moving to premium platforms like the Airmart online selling platform which provides a wide array of advanced features for thriving businesses. The world of ecommerce is waiting for you. Make your move!