How Restaurants Can Save With Airmart

Save your restaurant time and money by using the Airmart platform for pickup and in-store orders. It takes just 10 minutes to set up a store and start taking orders on the user-friendly, affordable e-commerce software.

Save on pickup orders

Mainstream delivery apps like DoorDash and UberEats charge a 6% commission fee for all pickup orders. These apps may help new customers discover your restaurant, but if you already have a following of loyal customers, there’s no need to pay a commission on every online order you receive. Instead, you can direct your customers to your custom Airmart domain for quick and easy online ordering.

Airmart’s standard service is $16/month for an unlimited number of transactions. That same amount would only cover $267 a month in pickup orders with DoorDash commission fees.

Skip the credit card fees

You can choose to accept Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App in your store so that you don’t have to pay any credit card transaction fees. The Airmart app makes it easy to collect and verify payments of all types.

Save time tracking orders

Airmart’s streamlined order management system allows you to organize all order data and communicate directly with customers about their orders. You can also use Airmart as your in-store POS so that you don’t have to look at multiple apps to find all of your orders. Airmart QR codes make it easy for dine-in customers to order at your restaurant, and the POS card reader allows you to accept in-person payments.

Cut down on costs and food waste

With Airmart, you can list items for pre-order rather than on-demand delivery. This means you can make orders in batches. With pre-orders, you will always know exactly how much of each ingredient you need to purchase so you don’t run out or overbuy.

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Mom’s Sticky Rice online ordering

Set up online ordering for your restaurant on Airmart and start saving.