How can you sell your products outside of Etsy?

Harnessing the power of online sales platforms is a boon for crafters, small business owners, and artists of all types. Yet many entrepreneurs may find themselves asking, “Where do you sell your products besides Etsy?” With a plethora of online marketplaces to explore, it can be daunting to venture beyond the familiar confines of Etsy. However, diversifying your sales outlets are essential to increase product visibility, broaden your customer reach, and ultimately enhance your sales.

One popular avenue is eBay, where you have access to a vast international market. With a broader product range than Etsy, you can sell a wide variety of items, from vintage goods to handmade crafts, electronics to clothing. The bidding feature on eBay can also work to your advantage if your products are unique or sought after.

Don’t overlook Amazon Handmade, dedicated to artists and crafters selling handcrafted products. Amazon provides a large customer base, but note its high fees. To be accepted to Amazon Handmade, your products have to meet certain criteria, adding a layer of credibility that buyers will appreciate.

Another choice for places to sell is Shopify. This platform allows sellers to set up a personalized online store with their domain. A significant advantage to using Shopify is the various customization options, making it a robust tool for building a brand and connecting with your audience.

Stalwarts in the online sales community, Zibbet and Bonanza, are similar to Etsy in their support for handmade products. They offer a collective array of platforms to sell goods, from handcrafted items to antiques, fine art to vintage items. They stand out for their low fees, easy-to-use features, and seamless integration with social media channels, perfect for marketing your products.

For the artists out there, platforms like Society6 and Redbubble are ideal for selling print-on-demand products featuring your artwork. With these platforms, you can sell anything from prints, clothing, home décor to accessories, while they handle production and shipping, leaving you to focus on your art.

So, where else do you sell besides Etsy? Consider expanding your presence on social media. Facebook and Instagram’s shopping features have gained prominence for their ability to reach a large, engaged audience. With Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping, you can leverage the power of social media to direct traffic and sales to your products.

And lastly, you shouldn’t neglect the value of starting your own website. This gives you the most control over your brand, allows for better customer interaction, and potential for higher profit margins without platform fees.

In your search for venues to broaden your online selling canvas, do not overlook Airmart. This relatively new online selling platform offers a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs to seize the initiative in a less crowded marketplace. So start your journey on Airmart today, the world awaits your products!

In conclusion, while Etsy is a notable sales platform, there are a plethora of other online marketplaces to explore. Ultimately, where you choose to sell your products will depend on the nature of your products, the target market, fees, ease of use, and potential for visibility.