How can you sell food in Florida without a license?

Many entrepreneurs and food lovers in Florida often want to start their own food businesses. A common question that arises during the initial stage is: What Food Can You Sell Without a License in Florida? This question needs some exploration, as there are various laws regarding food safety and sales that one needs to consider.

The state of Florida is all about maintaining public health and safety. It has a series of policies in place that require business owners to procure necessary permits before selling any homemade foods. However, the state did implement the ‘Cottage Food Law’ which allows entrepreneurs, foodies, and home cooks to create a small home-based business producing certain types of food and beverages without needing a license.

The items that fall under the Cottage Food Law include bread, cakes, cookies, candies, pastries, fruits, jams, jellies, as well as handmade pasta. Do keep in mind that this kind of food should be sold straight to the consumer from your home, at a farmers market, roadside stand, or similar direct market without needing a food permit. Also, the annual gross sales of these items must not exceed $50,000.

Besides these, there is also honey extraction, a wonderful avenue for the local farmers to explore. Honey processing in Florida falls under the ambit of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) that provides for the licensing exemption for limited, small scale honey extraction and bottling.

Before embarking on your journey, it is highly recommended that you receive comprehensive knowledge about the Cottage Food Law and other relevant legislation regarding food safety and labeling rules. A good understanding of all these rules will help you ensure that your business stays compliant and profitable.

Starting your homemade food business in Florida doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. If you have read and understood all the rules, go ahead, make your product, label it correctly, and find your market. Advertise your product, show your potential customers how unique, delicious, and fresh your products are. Build relationships, garner trust, offer excellent customer service, and watch your small business grow.

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