Honey Peach: Yangshan’s Pride and Joy

Meet the peach that put Yangshan China on the map. The honey peach (shuǐ mì táo) is a white-fleshed, fuzzy peach known for its overwhelming juice content, sweet flavor, and perfume-like aroma. Often given as a gift, this fruit is a delicacy in Wuxi. There, a single honey peach can sell for $7 or more.

Like all peaches, this variety is native to China. Growers harvest them in the summertime, from June to August. Yangshan in Eastern China is the “hometown of honey peaches.” The town’s peach production is so prosperous that ‘agritourism’ or fruit tourism and the culture surrounding the peach have revitalized the economy.

How to eat a honey peach

Sometimes called a water honey peach, honey peaches are so juicy, you can stick a straw in the fruit and drink them like a coconut. If you don’t use a straw, be sure to bite into this peach over the sink, or be prepared to be sticky!

Naturally, these super juicy peaches are great for beverages like juices, teas, and cocktails. But given their price and flavor, it is best to eat them on their own as a summer snack.

Eat soft peaches on the day of purchase. Hard peaches can ripen for 3-4 days depending on the temperature.

Where to buy honey peaches

honey peach

You don’t have to travel all the way to China to enjoy these famous peaches this summer. Socome Orchard in Fremont, California offers a variety of peaches but is best known for their premium honey peaches. Socome began as a small family farm dedicated to growing Yangshan peaches in the States and is now a global operation partnering with farms in China as well.

You can buy Socome honey peaches by the box.

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