What License Do You Need to Sell Freeze-Dried Food?

With the availability of home freeze dryers, you may be thinking of starting your own freeze-dried food venture. To get started, you must first research the question: What license do you need to sell freeze-dried food?

You might not need any license at all, but you will need to check with your local health department to be sure.

Whether or not you need a license will depend on which foods your state allows under cottage law. Cottage laws allow individuals to operate small food businesses out of their homes without licenses or permits. If the food you want to freeze-dry is not allowed under cottage laws, you cannot sell it from home without a license. This includes meats, seafood, poultry, and more.

what license do you need to sell freeze dried food

You will most likely be able to sell freeze-dried candy, fruits, and vegetables from home as a cottage food operation. For all other foods, you will need a license. The exact type of license you will need depends on your state and county regulations.

What license do you need to sell freeze-dried food?

Obtaining a license is different for every food vendor in every state. Usually, licensed food businesses must have a commercial kitchen, meet certain health and safety regulations, and undergo regular inspections. There are also licensing and renewal fees involved. Every health department will require you to have a food handler’s card or food safety management certification.

Whether you choose to operate out of a ghost kitchen, food cart, food truck, or retail location is up to you. There are different licenses for each establishment.

If you are freeze-drying foods such as meat or dairy products, additional regulations may apply. For instance, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees the sale of meat and poultry products.

So, before you launch your food business, make sure you know what license you need to sell freeze-dried food, if any, for your locale and situation.

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