Exploring the Best Things to Sell on Etsy for a Profitable Home Business

Are you thinking about starting a home-based business with Etsy? Are you searching for the best things to sell on Etsy for 2016? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will shed some light on several crafting gems and vintage treasures that you can resell for a high-profit margin.

When it comes to what to sell on Etsy 2016, it all comes down to finding the right niche that will tap into a substantial consumer base while reflecting your individual passion and skills. Here are a few product categories that were trending in 2016 but still maintain their charm today.

Custom Jewelry

Among the best things to sell on Etsy, custom jewelry tops the list. In 2016, there was quite a surge in the demand for custom-made, unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. The materials used could vary depending on your crafting abilities. Be it metal, beads, or even precious stones; the choice is yours. The key to success is giving your piece of art a unique look so that it stands out from the crowd.

Handcrafted Clothing and Accessories

Etsy shoppers are often on the lookout for unique clothing items and accessories for both adults and children. Custom-made apparels help customers stand out from the mass-produced clothing items that dominate the market elsewhere. If you have an eye for fashion design or if you can stitch, knit, or crochet, then this niche would be perfect for you. Unique, handcrafted clothing had a significant rise in popularity back in 2016 and remains a strong contender.

Vintage Items

Many people love the charm of vintage items. Whether it’s antique furniture, old vinyl records, vintage books, or retro clothes, selling vintage items can provide higher profit margins as they are considered unique and are often hard to come by. If you can find, refurbish, and sell vintage items, then this could be a great opportunity for a lucrative Etsy business.

Art and Photography

For those with an artistic flair, Etsy can be your online art gallery. From paintings and drawings to photography and sculpture, there’s an enormous market for one-of-a-kind art pieces on this platform. Remember, art is subjective, so what might not appear special to you could hold significant meaning for someone else on the other side of the world.

Handmade Beauty Products

There’s been a shift in the cosmetic industry, with more and more consumers seeking out natural, handmade beauty products. These range from organic soaps and shampoos to natural makeup and skincare items. The handmade beauty product niche can be especially lucrative if you can market these products with the right branding that resonates with today’s “health and wellness” consumer culture.

Personalised Items

The demand for personalised items reached new heights in 2016, and it remains a popular trend today. Personalisation delivers uniqueness that many Etsy shoppers seek. Whether it’s engraved jewelry, custom monograms on towels and clothing, personalised wall art, or name-inscribed children’s toys, there’s a vast market for these items.

Digital Products

Believe it or not, you can also sell digital products on Etsy. In 2016, this was the surprise breakout trend among all product niches. Digital items can include printable art designs, digital planners, online courses, eBooks, or graphic designs. The best part about selling digital products is that you create them once but can sell them indefinitely, making it a very lucrative and scalable business model.

Finding the right product or niche to tap into is the first step to running a profitable home business on Etsy. The platform’s potential is perhaps only limited by your creative spark and ability to market your products effectively. So, remember to explore these possibilities as you ponder over what to sell on Etsy and plunge into setting up your home business in 2016 and beyond.