The Best Apps to Sell Food from Home

Selling homemade food online allows you to turn your passion for cooking into a profitable home business. Numerous user-friendly apps for selling home cooked food are available today, allowing you to expand your customer base. Let’s explore some of these innovative apps to sell food on. Then, you can choose the one that best suits your business.

Apps for Selling Homemade Food

1. Airmart

Our e-commerce platform was designed for food vendors like home chefs and cottage bakers selling home cooked food. We offer free basic shops and options for local delivery, shipping, and food subscriptions. You can even customize your shop with a unique domain name. Setting up shop is quick and easy so you can start taking pre-orders in less than a day. Find out why thousands of food vendors say Airmart is one of the top apps to sell food on:

apps to sell food

2. NeighborPlate

app for selling home cooked food

NeighborPlate provides a platform where one can conveniently sell homemade food for door-to-door delivery.

3. Shef

apps for selling home cooked food

The Shef app allows home chefs to sell and deliver their packaged meals to local households. If you want to offer a meal prep service, Shef may be a fit for you.

4. Castiron

app for selling baked goods

Similar to Airmart, Castiron offers custom websites specifically for home bakers. Plans are $1/month plus credit card fees.

5. Hotplate

apps for selling food

Hotplate is made for ‘food drops,’ or limited time specials. This app is best for chefs and bakers who don’t plan on offering food regularly. Hotplate is free with transaction fees.

6. Bakesy

app for home bakers

Bakesy is a popular ordering tool for home bakers. Each shop looks like an Instagram profile with a gallery for baked goods. Bakesy costs $10/month.

The apps to sell food provide a platform to showcase your culinary skills to the world, craft your brand, and set your prices, all while doing something you love – cooking!

Moreover, these apps typically provide a safe and secure payment method, taking care of one of the most critical aspects of a business transaction. Depending on the app you choose, you may even get the required assistance for arranging pick-up or delivery of your food.

Before embarking on your food business journey, it’s essential to thoroughly research the regulations and licensing requirements in your local area, as selling food made at home could fall under various public health regulations.

Once you’ve got the formalities sorted, you’re all set to connect with a network of eager food lovers waiting to devour your delicious, home-cooked meals.