Everything you need to know about California cottage food law

Everything You Need to Know About California Cottage Food Law

Are you a food producer in California looking to start a cottage food business? If so, you need to know about the California cottage food law. This law allows certain types of food producers to sell their homemade food products directly to consumers without needing to obtain a food establishment permit.

The California cottage food law sets out the rules and regulations food producers must follow in order to legally sell their products. These include obtaining a cottage food registration certificate, labeling requirements, and limits on the types of food products that can be sold. Additionally, food producers must follow strict safety and sanitation guidelines to ensure the safety of their products.

To obtain a cottage food registration certificate, food producers must submit an application to the county health department in which they plan to operate. The application must include the food producer’s name, address, and a description of the food products they plan to sell. Once the application is approved, the food producer will receive a cottage food registration certificate.

The labeling requirements for cottage food products are also set out in the California cottage food law. All labels must include the name and address of the food producer, the ingredients in the product, and any allergen information. Additionally, labels must also include the words “made in a home kitchen” or “made in a cottage food operation”.

The types of food products that can be sold under the California cottage food law are also limited. These include baked goods, candy, jams, jellies, and some canned fruits and vegetables. Additionally, some types of pickled vegetables and fermented foods may also be allowed.

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