Food Handlers Permit California

Are you looking to start selling food in California? Then you may be wondering what kind of permits you will need. All California food vendors need a food handlers permit, and some food businesses need food selling permits.

food handlers permit california

Food Handlers Permits California

The California Department of Public Health requires a food handlers permit for anyone selling food in the state. This permit is designed to ensure that food handlers are aware of proper food safety practices and understand how to handle food in a safe manner.

Your food business must also have at least one Certified Food Safety manager. You can find accredited food safety certification programs here.

To obtain a food handlers permit in California, you will need to complete an approved food safety training course. Check out this page to find an accredited course.

Food Selling Permits in California

The state of California does not issue permits for cottage food operations. Home-based food businesses in California can only sell foods that are on the approved cottage food list.

If you would like to sell foods that are not on the cottage food list, you will need to establish a microenterprise home kitchen operation (MEKHO). MEHKOs are more like small restaurants. For these operations, you are required to obtain permits through the local environmental health agency in your county. However, please note that the option to open a microenterprise home kitchen operation is not available in all cities or counties.

If you are looking to start selling food in California, then you need to make sure you have a food handlers permit, food safety manager certification, and possibly a permit for your home-based food operation.

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