Discover How These 20 Beloved Sweet Baked Goods Became Our Most Popular Ever!

The world of baked goods is truly magnificent. It is filled with the aroma of some of our favorite treats, which, for no apparent reason, have the magical power of making us feel content. Have you ever wondered how certain sweet baked goods have gained skyrocketing popularity? We’ve investigated the stories behind our 20 most popular sweet baked goods ever! Brace yourself for a sweet and savory journey.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies: Hailed as America’s favorite, chocolate chip cookies were accidentally discovered by Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1937 at her Toll House Inn in Massachusetts. From a simple mistake, a classic was born!

2. Cupcakes: These mini delights trace back to 18th Century America. But cupcakes really took the world by storm in 2000 thanks to a mention on ‘Sex and the City’.

3. Apple Pie: While apple pie is considered quintessentially American, its roots lay in England. It adapted beautifully in the U.S, establishing a bond with the American people that has stood the test of time.

4. Donuts: Donuts were a creation of Dutch settlers. It was however the great Donut Machine revolution in the 1920s that made them a popular choice for breakfast in the US.

5. Cheesecake: Going back to the Greeks, cheesecake was a popular dish served to athletes during the first Olympics. Today, New York style cheesecake is a worldwide favorite.

6. Brownies: Thought to be created by a Palmer House chef in the late 19th century, brownies have enjoyed a warm spot in our hearts (and our bellies) ever since.

7. Cinnamon Rolls: Cinnamon rolls take us on a journey to Sweden, where they are so beloved, there’s even a ‘Cinnamon Roll Day’ celebrated every October 4th!

8. Macarons: This delicate French cookie took a while to reach its current form. Initially just a plain cookie, it was Pierre Desfontaines who thought to sandwich two together with a ganache filling.

9. Scones: Originating in Scotland, these bread-like pastries can be sweet or savory. Although they were initially a luxurious treat, they are now a common feature on breakfast tables.

10. Muffins: Born in Britain but popularized in America, muffins are another breakfast classic. Blueberry muffins, in particular, are a cherished hit!

From Red Velvet Cake to Pain au Chocolat, the rest of this list covers our 10 additional favorites like Baklava, Tiramisu, Croissants, Eclairs, Churros, Brioche, Strudel, Funnel Cake, Gelato, and the Urdu celebration essential – Gulab Jamun.

Each one of these 20 delectable baked goods has carved out its place in culinary history through time, tradition, and sometimes, a little bit of luck. They have made our lives sweeter and our celebrations brighter.

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