Food Handlers Card Oregon

Getting your Oregon food handlers card is the first step in starting your career in the food industry. Not only will it increase your knowledge about safe food handling practices, but it is also a legal requirement in Oregon for those working with food. This guide will explain how to acquire your food handler permit in the state of Oregon.

To get a food handlers card, you must take an approved food safety course and pass a test (a passing score is at least 75%). The state of Oregon requires you to obtain a food handlers card within 30 days of starting work in food service. The training course and card will cost no more than $10.

Food Safety Courses

You can find a list of approved food safety courses on the Oregon Health Authority website. The course you take must be listed here, or you will not be issued a card.

food handlers card oregon

The food handler training focuses on several key areas:

  • Foodborne illnesses: transmission and symptoms
  • Proper cooking and cooling methods
  • Effective handwashing techniques
  • Proper cleaning and sanitizing methods
  • Correct storage systems for different kinds of food
  • Protocols for working while ill

The Oregon Health Authority provides a comprehensive food safety training manual you can study to ensure you pass the test. As soon as you pass the test, you’re eligible to receive your Oregon Food Handlers Card.

Food Handlers Card Info

The card will remain valid for three years. It is up to you to maintain a current card throughout your food service employment.

If you lose your card, the training program can issue you a replacement for $5. The Oregon food handler card is not valid in any other state.

Being informed of safe food handling practices will keep you and your customers safe. It’s important knowledge for everyone who cooks, not just those working in food service.

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