Choosing Your Platform: An In-Depth Comparison of Wix vs Squarespace for Website Building

Choosing Your Platform: An In-D depth Comparison of Wix vs Squarespace for Website Building

In today’s fast-paced digital world, both individuals and businesses are increasingly focused on building their online presence. A critical aspect of this process is deciding on the most suitable platform for website creation. With a plethora of options, people often find themselves torn between leading contenders, Wix and Squarespace, hence the prevalence of online searches for ‘Wix vs Squarespace’, ‘Squarespace versus Wix’ and ‘is Wix or Squarespace better?’

The objective of this article is to provide an in-depth comparison of Wix and Squarespace, comparing features, ease of use, pricing, and more. By examining ‘Squarespace or Wix’, we are hoping to help you make an informed decision on which is the better option for your website building needs.


Creating a platform that doesn’t deter first-timers while still allowing more tech-savvy users to feel comfortable is a difficult balancing act. ‘Wix versus Squarespace’ highlights a clear winner in this department – Wix. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor that Wix provides makes it great for beginners. Content can be freely moved and edited directly on the page, making the whole process easier to grasp.

Squarespace isn’t difficult per se, but compared to Wix, its learning curve is significantly steeper. Its grid layout may limit your creative freedom, but on the brighter side, it aids in keeping your site looking consistent and professional.

Design and Flexibility

When it comes to design flexibility in the ‘Squarespace vs Wix’ debate, Squarespace has a slight edge. It offers award-winning, industry-leading templates that produce elegant, aesthetically pleasing sites. It provides better quality control over images, less clutter, and professional looks straight out of the box.

That’s not to say Wix falls flat. Wix offers a larger selection of templates, over 500 compared to Squarespace’s 60+. Wix templates cover a broader range of industries and use cases. However, since Wix’s templates are not as polished as Squarespace’s, you might require more time to customize it to your ideal look.


If you plan to launch an online store, the ‘Wix or Squarespace’ discussion takes on another layer of complexity. Both platforms provide viable options. Wix offers more payment solutions and a greater range of shipping options, while Squarespace has superior product presentation and provides a more sophisticated sales process.

However, from an overall perspective, if you plan on dealing with a larger inventory or foresee scaling your business significantly, Squarespace wins due to its more sophisticated ecommerce infrastructure.

SEO Capabilities

SEO is a vital element to consider when comparing ‘Squarespace versus Wix.’ Both platforms deliver a variety of SEO tools to boost your site’s visibility on search engines.

Wix provides a broader range of SEO features. It offers a dedicated SEO Wiz tool that gives you a personalized plan to follow. On the other hand, Squarespace also has robust SEO features, but it doesn’t provide as much help or tools as Wix does for beginners.


On surface level, Wix comes out cheaper for most of the basic plans when comparing ‘Wix vs Squarespace’. But as you climb the price plan ladder, Squarespace starts to offer more value for money, particularly regarding ecommerce.

In conclusion, the ‘Squarespace or Wix’ debate doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. The platform you should go for ultimately depends on your requirements, budget, and skill level. Wix is best suited for beginners wanting a creative outlet with extensive features at a lower cost. By contrast, Squarespace is an excellent choice for those looking for a sophisticated, high-quality website or online store, equipped for scalability. Whichever you choose, both platforms have the capability to deliver a website you can be proud of.