Cannoli Siciliani from Cannoli & Co.

Holy cannoli! Once you’ve tried Cannoli & Co, it will be the only cannoli you’ll ever order again. This Dogpatch dessert cafe serves fresh, crisp cannoli, which, according to the owners, is just the way it should be. This authentic Sicilian-style cannoli (cannoli siciliani) is made to order with ricotta cheese filling and your choice of toppings.

The Cannoli & Co. menu includes pistachio cannoli, almond cannoli, candied orange cannoli, Oreo cannoli, cannoli with rainbow sprinkles, and of course, classic cannoli with chocolate chips. You can even order chocolate-dipped cannoli shells if you fancy chocolate cannoli. For a cute, small sample, try the cannolicchi, or mini cannoli.

mini cannoli cannolicchi
Mini cannoli

The Cannoli & Co. Story

Like many wonderful bakeries on Airmart, Cannoli & Co. is a pandemic baby. When the owners of the parent cafe, La Stazione realized that lattes and cappuccinos weren’t delivery-friendly fare, they pivoted to cannoli delivery.

Even in San Francisco, with its rich Italian history, there was a desperate need for good, crisp cannoli. When the cafe’s co-owner, Alex traveled to Sicily, the difference in flavor and texture of the cannoli there blew him away. “I was like, how did I lead my entire adult life not having been aware of this? I wanted to have one every day of my life,” he explained.

chocolate cannoli
Chocolate cannoli

When he returned to the Bay Area, he realized most, if not all bakeries in the area made their cannoli ahead of time, leaving the shells soggy by the time customers got them. And they used a different filling too: mascarpone cheese instead of traditional ricotta.

So when the pandemic hit, Alex was determined to get the cannoli siciliani recipe down. “The only way to do it is to do it yourself, right?”

Together with his co-owner, who is a first-generation Sicilian American, Alex was able to recreate the crunchy cannoli he had devoured daily while abroad.

When the bakery took off, they branded the cannoli delivery venture separately as a sister cafe, Cannoli & Co.

chocolate cannoli pistachio cannoli

Warrior-Approved Cannoli Siciliani

We may be biased, but we think it’s the best cannoli San Francisco has to offer.

“The biggest compliment we’ve had is people coming to our store and saying ‘My family has been buying cannoli from [insert the name of the shop] for the 3 generations that we’ve been living in San Francisco and now we’re never going back there again,’” Alex shared.

Even the Golden State Warriors are a fan of the holy cannoli. “They won the night they had our cannoli. Then, for the next game, they didn’t order cannoli, and they lost. I think there’s a direct correlation there,” Alex joked.

If you order cannoli delivery with Airmart, be sure to enjoy it within 4 hours for the best possible experience.