Can I Sell Tamales from Home in Texas?

Have you ever wondered, ‘can I sell tamales from home in Texas’? Selling homemade food has become increasingly popular amidst growing consumer preference for locally-sourced, authentic food. It is a business choice that allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home, setting your hours, while sharing your culinary talents with the local community. However, there are limitations to what foods you can sell from home.

Texas Cottage Food Law allows residents to sell particular food items made in a home kitchen. These foods must be non-potentially hazardous, meaning they must not require refrigeration to remain safe to eat. Cottage law prohibits cooks from selling meat products out of their homes. Unfortunately, tamales usually contain meat and are considered potentially hazardous because they require refrigeration. Therefore, you cannot sell tamales from home in Texas.

can i sell tamales from home in texas

How can I sell tamales in Texas?

To sell your tamales in Texas, you must apply to set up a retail food establishment. Retail food establishments must operate out of approved, licensed, and inspected kitchen spaces. This could be a commissary kitchen or a kitchen within a restaurant establishment. All retail food establishments selling potentially hazardous foods, like tamales, will need retail food permits.

As the owner of a retail food establishment, you must obtain a food manager certificate to ensure you understand proper food safety procedures. You can find approved food manager training programs here.

A food truck, cart, or roadside stand would make the most sense for selling tamales. To start a tamale food truck or roadside stand, fill out the application here. The application fee is currently $258.

Keep in mind that you may not prepare the tamales at the roadside stand. If you have any questions about how to sell food in Texas, check out the Texas Health and Human Services website here.

Once your tamale truck or cart is up and running, start taking pre-orders on Airmart. The platform will allow you to arrange pickups, delivery, and catering.