Black Roses: Are They Real?

Roses are one of the best-selling flowers. Each rose color symbolizes something different. Classic red roses may still be the most popular, but black roses are surprisingly versatile. This makes them a fitting flower for gifts and decorations for a variety of occasions.

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black rose

Are black roses real?

You may see some florists selling ‘real black roses,’ but this is misleading. Black roses are not real because they do not exist naturally, but some rose varieties are almost black in color. Florists create these roses by dipping the flowers in dyed water or spraying them with paint.

Black rose meaning

What do black roses mean? As you may have guessed, these roses represent death and mourning, but on the flip side, they can also symbolize rebirth, significant change, optimism, and hope.

You may think these dark roses are only for funerals and Halloween, but they can also serve as decorations and bouquets at weddings. Since they are all about new beginnings and change, black roses make the perfect celebratory gifts for career changes, housewarmings, and divorce parties.

They are also the perfect flower for the goth aesthetic and spooky cemetery photoshoots. You can never go wrong with an all-black bouquet for your goth girlfriend.

Offer black roses for sale

Selling black roses will make your flower shop or nursery one-of-a-kind. You can make dark rose varieties black with a little help from some floral dye. Start with crimson or deep purple roses for the best color. Here are some ‘black’ rose varieties you can use:

  • Black Magic Rose
  • Black Baccara Rose
  • Black Velvet Rose
  • Black Cherry Rose
  • Black Jade Rose

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Pricing roses for sale

The average cost of roses is $80 a dozen. Rose prices peak on Valentine’s Day, and with inflation, a dozen red roses can cost nearly $150 in some states. Throughout the rest of the year, rose prices will fluctuate depending on the variety, color, presentation, and availability. Price your roses based on your costs, including the dye and packaging, as well as your time.

dark roses

Shipping roses

No one wants to give or receive damaged flowers. To ship roses with care, bundle the stems together with tight rubber bands, wrap the bouquet in cellophane, and then attach the stems to the cardboard box with cable ties. Fill in any empty space around the roses with newspaper or packing paper.

Black roses delivery

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